Toyota Tacoma
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Vehicles with the best resale value

If you want to buy a vehicle that will retain its value, your chances are better with a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle than any other segment. According to data gleaned by the team at, every one of the 10 best performers for resale value are trucks, crossovers, or SUVs.

You may expect Japanese brands to boast the best resale value, but that's not always the case. In fact, half of the vehicles on KBB's best-resale list come from American automakers.

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Last updated January, 2019

Porsche Macan
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Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan is one of the best-driving vehicles in its class of small crossovers. And it's pretty good at holding its value, too. KBB estimates that the Macan will retain 65 percent of its initial cost after 36 months and 50 percent after 60 months.
Ford F-150
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Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series pickup truck is perennially the best-selling vehicle in the United States. But even with so many of them on the road, they still hold their value very well. According to KBB, owners can expect to recoup 57.5 percent after 36 months and 50.6 percent after 5 years.
Chevy Colorado pickup truck in red
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Chevy Colorado

With 70 percent of its value expected to be left after 36 months and 58.6 after 60 months, expects the Chevrolet Colorado to retain value better than its slightly swankier Canyon cousin from GMC in resale value.
Honda Ridgeline
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Honda Ridgeline

If you need a pickup truck, but don't expect that it'll ever have to tow a trailer big enough to double as a vacation home, the unibody Honda Ridgeline offers a more car-like experience than its body-on-frame competitors. It will retain 63.2 percent of its value after 3 years and 51.3 after 5 years.
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Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is the second-best-selling vehicle in the United States, but it's a bit better than its cross-town rival from Ford when it comes to resale value. It will retain 59.8 percent of its original value after 36 months and 53.7 after 60 months, according to KBB.
2016 Toyota 4Runner
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Toyota 4Runner

The 4Toyota 4Runner scores very well on KBB's annual award for resale value. The truck-like SUV will retain 65.7 percent of its value after 3 years and 56.3 percent after 5 years. That's significantly better than some of its car-like competitors, like the Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Traverse.
GMC Sierra fullsize pickup truck in deep red
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GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is a slightly more upscale version of General Motors' fullsize pickup platform than the Chevy Silverado, and it performs a bit better than the Chevy on's list of vehicles that retain their value. GMC's fullsize truck is expected to retain 62.3 percent of its value after three years and 56.7 percent after five.
Toyota Tundra pickup truck in silver
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Toyota Tundra

According to, the Toyota Tundra is expected to retain 66.6 percent of its value after 36 months and 56.9 after 60 months. That makes it the highest-ranking fullsize pickup truck on this list.
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in red off-road course
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Jeep Wrangler

SUVs are hot, and there's no vehicle that better defines its segment than the Jeep Wrangler. We're not surprised, then, that pegs the Wrangler as the second-best vehicle for retaining value, with 66.5 remaining after three years and 58.3 left after five.

2016 Toyota Tacoma
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Toyota Tacoma

Rolling into first place in the expected resale value chart is the Toyota Tacoma. According to, Toyota's midsize truck tops all other vehicles in America with 69.4 percent of its value left after 36 months and 62.2 remaining after 60 months.
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