The annual SEMA show might be the auto industry’s twisted version of Mardi Gras. Every corner of the automotive universe comes out to show off its wares, from large-scale manufacturers revealing road-unsafe concepts to the guy who makes spinning lights for your 30-inch wheels. Of course, this collection of aftermarket excess is held in Las Vegas.

The 2010 show was no different. Since it’s an industry show that’s not open to the public, we’ve compiled the weirdest and best of the show for you here. Click on through to witness some of the most eye-popping and jaw-dropping displays of creativity and mechanical prowess in automotive customization.
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Talon Invader

Talon Motors unveiled its Invader, and we have to admit that the specs on it are pretty impressive (and much more so than Talon's last creation, the Street Quad). Power for the Invader is provided in spades, thanks to a 1,300-cc Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. The powertrain provides enough scoot to move this reverse trike from 0-60 miles per hour in under four seconds. Keep going and you'll eventually hit the top speed of 150 mph.
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Bisimoto Honda CR-Z

The team from Bisimoto has cured the Honda CR-Z hybrid’s anemia by prescribing massive doses of power. The stock 1.5-liter four-cylinder was extracted and rebuilt, but the star of the show is its turbo. It shoves ample amounts of air through a 70-millimeter custom throttle body at a rate approaching that of a jet engine. The kit is good for a staggering 533 horsepower, which helps explain why a car that started life with a 0-60 mph time of 10 seconds now requires a parachute to reduce its inertia.
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Vortex F1

Seattle-based Vortex Motors captured our attention this year with the world debut of its F1 track car. Watch your back, Ariel Atom – the Vortex F1 is ready for battle. Power is sourced from an upgraded version of General Motors' turbocharged 2.0-liter Ecotec inline-four running through a six-speed manual transmission. In the standard model, the F1 Turn Key, output is rated at 290 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque, but Vortex will also sell an Ultimate version, bumping those numbers up to 330 and 360, respectively.

Fireball Tim's Redster

We were fortunate enough to be able to beat back the crowds around Fireball Tim Lawrence's Redster just long enough to snap a few shots from the show floor. Auto Trader Classic rolled out both the 1951 Chevrolet 3100 and Fireball himself for the event. Throw in the five massive Sony touch-screens nestled in the pinstriped pickup's bed and you've got a recipe for one very packed booth.

Toyota Prius C&A Custom

Can a Prius be sporty? Toyota's latest offering here at SEMA proves to us that it can certainly try to look the part. The Prius C&A Custom Concept wears an aggressive, lightweight carbon fiber body kit and rides on 18-inch forged aluminum wheels. What's more, the C&A has been substantially lowered thanks to a TIEN setup that drops the hatch's ride height by four inches in front and six inches out back. The result is a Prius that has been transformed from a do-good hybrid into what looks like the anime version of a Lamborghini Reventón.
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LSA E-Rod Powered Superformance Grand Sport Coupe

General Motors has grown its E-Rod family by two, adding a 505-horsepower, 7.0-liter LS7 and a 556-horsepower, 6.2-liter LSA to its line of emissions-friendly V8s. The General chose to show off the new forced-induction engine by plopping the mill in a Superformance Grand Sport replica. With a feathery light curb weight of just 2,500 pounds and a potent 551 pound-feet of torque on tap, this machine should be an absolute tarmac terror. Behind that supercharged small block sits a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and a four-wheel disc brake system designed to bring the whole party to a stop in a hurry.
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1955 Chevrolet E-Rod LS3 Pickup

While the wicked E-Rod LSA found its way into a Superformance Grand Sport Coupe at this year's SEMA show, General Motors decided to plop the company's new E-Rod LS3 into something a little more traditional. GM yanked the sheets off of an expertly crafted 1955 Chevrolet pickup street rod. The project started by mating a minty-fresh Dynacorn body with the chassis of a Trailblazer SS. Throw in a 315-horsepower, 335-lb-feet of torque E-Rod LS3 and you've got the basic ingredients for one very lust-worthy pickup.
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Toyota Swagger Wagon Supreme

Toyota chose to outfit its official SEMA floor space with a customized Sienna, dubbed, appropriately enough, “Swagger Wagon Supreme.” Actor Brian Huskey, otherwise known as Swagger Dad, was on hand to introduce the stretched and lowered metallic blue Sienna minivan. He started his speech from inside the Wagon, which is decked out with a nicely finished wood floor along with plenty of cabinetry, televisions and computer paraphernalia.
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Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer

Zero South, a company that popped up at SEMA in 2008, is back again with its Biodiesel Electric Hummer. The heavily modified H1 rides on tracks at all four corners – a necessary modification, since this Hummer is designed for an expedition to the South Pole. The Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer was originally setup to run on B99 fuel, but Jay Leno joined the team and modified the powertrain so that a four-cylinder diesel Volkswagen engine would act as a generator to four electric motors. Each motor would then provide power to the individual track it's coupled to. It's one heck of a Hummer.
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Neiman Marcus 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Behold one of the quickest-selling special edition vehicles in General Motors history – the Neiman Marcus 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. A total of 100 models just like the one you see above sold in a scant three minutes, which is nothing short of astounding given the vehicle's lofty $75,000 price tag. With its show-car quality metallic purple paint (GM calls it Deep Bordeaux), unique red-trimmed wheels and high-end interior, the droptop is likely to be the nicest Camaro to roll out of Detroit anytime soon.
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Honda Accord Crosstour HFP Concept

We're still not very fond of the Honda Accord Crosstour's styling, but we'll be honest – this SEMA-spec HFP concept is pretty darn cool. Riding on 19-inch PDS-10 wheels wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN ST 245/50-series tires, this Crosstour benefits from a lowered sport suspension encompassing new shocks and struts at all four corners, performance front springs and a unique body kit. Honda says that this modified Crosstour is only a concept, but we won't be shocked to see some of these factory performance parts show up on the crossover's spec sheet in the not-too-distant future.
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Ford Taurus SHOx

Rick Bottom Designs was given the keys to a 2011 Ford Taurus SHO and the custom car builder decided it wanted to hear more from the Blue Oval sedan. The 365-horsepower EcoBoost V6 has been bumped up by a Hahn Racecraft Stage 1 upgrade package, meaning this SHO is now putting out 465 hp. It's not the engine, however, that is making all the noise. Rick Bottom Designs wanted to hear more from the car -- so the tuner installed a 16,000 Watt stereo system capable of blaring the most intense block-rockin' beats.
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Toyota Tundra Sportsman

Co-developed with Bass Pro Shops, this four-wheel drive, 5.7-liter, V8-powered, Tundra-based behemoth comes equipped with the optional TRD Rock Warrior package. Oh yeah, and don't forget about the gigantic deck that pops up and provides hunters with a camo'd perch from which to do their business. Naturally, there is plenty of storage for firearms, along with fishing gear, bows and arrows. Out back, there's a fully operational kitchen complete with a gas stove and a sink. There's plenty of luxury inside, with a weather station, GPS system and a bevy of waterproof speakers. It's the ultimate Armageddon vehicle, and we want it. Badly.
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Ring Brothers 1970 Mustang

The Wisconsin-based Ring Brothers brought out a custom 1970 Ford Mustang fastback that is one of the most stunning pony cars we've ever seen. The car, nicknamed "Dragon," features a Roush 427 IR V8 crate motor, five-speed Tremec transmission, Forgeline three-piece wheels, Flowmaster exhaust and a custom interior done by Upholstery Unlimited. The best parts of the car, though, are the little details. For instance, the four-point racing seat belts are held in place by a custom billet piece jutting out from the rear seats, and many of the emblems and logos have been custom fabricated from aluminum or carbon fiber.
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Mummbles Marketing "Elegant Equus"

The Mummbles Marketing steed, nicknamed the "Elegant Equus," has had its outside, inside, wheels, brakes, suspension, and engine reworked. Among the extensive changes are an SPA turbo for the V8 with an S-Max intercooler and wastegate, as well as a Nitrous Express kit blowing out through a Magnaflow system, an Air Lift digital air suspension, Wilwood brakes hiding behind 22-inch Equip E10 wheels, while inside there is a gunmetal and burgundy custom leather interior, glowing gauges, and Junction Produce curtains all around.
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