• The Dow Jones has solidified its position beyond the 15,000-point milestone. The unemployment rate has gradually fallen to 7.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average consumer has breathed a little easier these days.

    What to do with the extra cash that may finally be starting to accumulate in your bank account? Well, you might invest it or save for a rainy day. But you’re not here for financial advice.

    If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, and if you’re looking to pamper yourself a little, or both, you’ve come to the right place. Our friends at Kelley Blue Book have compiled a list of the Ten Best luxury SUVs on the market today. Here’s a look at their findings:

  • 10. Cadillac Escalade ESV
    • Image Credit: General Motors

    10. Cadillac Escalade ESV

    Sticker Price: $66,345 - $85,670
    Invoice Price: $62,033 - $80,101
    Fuel Economy: 14 mpg City, 18 mpg Highway

    If you're looking for luxury and looking to show it off, this might be the SUV for you. The Cadillac Escalade ESV is an even bigger version of the already hefty luxury SUV. With tons of interior features and space for the whole family, this is a comfortable and versatile vehicle.

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  • 9. Volvo XC60
    • Image Credit: Volvo

    9. Volvo XC60

    Sticker Price: $34,850 - $49,800
    Invoice Price: $32,759 - $46,812
    Fuel Economy: 18 mpg City, 26 mpg Highway

    Volvo has stated an objective of having zero people killed in traffic accidents involving its cars by 2020. Ambitious? Yes. Noble? Yes. You won't only feel surrounded by luxury in the XC60, you'll feel surrounded by the latest in safety technology.

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  • 8. BMW X1
    • Image Credit: BMW

    8. BMW X1

    Sticker price: $30,800 - $38,600
    Invoice: $28,335 - $35,510
    Fuel economy: 23 mpg City, 34 mpg Highway

    The X1 definitely falls into the 'small SUV' category, and is a terrific introduction to BMW's lineup. It is both smaller and more nimble than its X3 sibling, and delivers terrific gas mileage for its segment. And, of course, comes with the European luxury you'd expect from BMW.

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  • 7. Acura RDX
    • Image Credit: Honda

    7. Acura RDX

    Sticker Price: $34,520 - $35,920
    Invoice Price: $32,430 - $33,726
    Fuel Economy: 19 mpg City, 27 mpg Highway

    One of the best things about this SUV is the space it allots for both front and rear passengers. You won’t feel crammed in the back, should you desire to ride there. Another bonus: there's a lot of equipment that comes standard on the RDX you'd pay extra for on other models.

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  • 6. Audi Q5
    • Image Credit: Audi

    6. Audi Q5

    Sticker Price: $37,300 - $46,500
    Invoice Price: $34,690 - $43,247
    Fuel Economy: 20 mpg City, 28 mpg Highway

    The Q5 winds up in the middle of the pack in Kelley Blue Book's rankings. But it is the top-ranked compact luxury SUV on the market in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. In any case, you'll want to keep it on your short list.

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  • 5. Infiniti JX
    • Image Credit: Nissan

    5. Infiniti JX

    Sticker Price: $41,250 - $42,650
    Invoice Price: $38,205 - $39,499
    Fuel Economy: 18 mpg City, 24 mpg Highway

    The all-new JX boasts interior features and tons of passenger room. Consumers love the third row, but there are those who express criticism of the performance of the Continuously Variable Transmission.

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  • 4. Lexus RX
    • Image Credit: Toyota

    4. Lexus RX

    Sticker Price: $39,660 - $47,350
    Invoice Price: $37,083 - $44,274
    Fuel Economy: 18 mpg City, 25 mpg Highway

    There were some people bored with the look and drive of the RX 350. Lexus engineers responded with the F Sport trim, which adds a more aggressive look and sturdier driving dynamics. For those who liked the original, they can still count on Lexus to deliver luxury and a quiet ride.

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  • 3. Porsche Cayenne
    • Image Credit: Porsche

    3. Porsche Cayenne

    Sticker Price: $48,850 - $108,750
    Invoice Price: N/A
    Fuel Economy: 15 mpg City, 22 mpg Highway

    You often hear the phrase "engineering marvel" used to describe skyscrapers and bridges. Extend it to transportation, and you might use it to describe the Cayenne, which comes in six different models, all of which deliver power, delicate handling and a combination of sportiness and elegance on the road.

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  • 2. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
    • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

    2. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

    Sticker Price: $62,400 - $116,925
    Invoice Price: $58,032 - $108,740
    Fuel Economy: 14 mpg City, 19 mpg Highway

    Looking for luxury? You'll like the heated leather seats, the dual-zone automatic climate controls and, perhaps best, the third-row seat that is power-folded in the GL. You might also add as an option Mercedes' massage system for $1,100. Best of all? It provides a quiet, luxurious ride.

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  • 1. Land Rover Range Rover
    • Image Credit: Land Rover

    1. Land Rover Range Rover

    Sticker Price: $82,650 - $135,100
    Invoice Price: $76,625 - $123,616
    Fuel Economy: 17 mpg City, 23 mpg Highway

    "For decades the Range Rover has prowled to the ends of the Earth, growing more luxurious with each generation," said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book’s "Combining opulent amenities with extreme capability, the all-new-for-2013 version is the best Range Rover yet."

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