• Automotive Gift Ideas for Father's Day
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    Automotive Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    With Father's Day just around the corner, does buying a gift for Dad have you scratching your head? Husbands and Fathers can be some of the hardest people to shop for, but AOL Autos is here to help. From commuter to camper to car nut, the automotive world offers gifts across a range of prices to please every deserving Dad on your list.

    View our top ten list of automotive-themed gifts.

  • Racing School
    • Image Credit: Bondurant

    Racing School

    Bondurant Race School

    No matter his level of experience, Bondurant's High Performance Driving courses will let Dad recapture (or recreate) his very own days of thunder! The school offers inexpensive tutorials for the ham-fisted driver or full multi-day classes for the aspiring Mario in your house.

  • Radar Detector
    • Image Credit: Escort

    Radar Detector

    Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector

    The Passport 9500ix GPS Enabled Radar Detector is Escort's most advanced model. It connects to a server by satellite (like a GPS), alerting the heavy-footed father to known red light and speed camera areas. This is the perfect gift for the speed-demon in your life. Keep Dad out of trouble and away from costly fines with this handy device.
  • Portable GPS
    • Image Credit: Garmin

    Portable GPS

    Garmin nüvi 1200

    A cost-sensitive GPS solution, Garmin's nüvi 1200 might not have all the bells and whistles offered on higher end GPS models, but this slim, touch-screen navigation unit gets the job done. Now your "old man" will never have to stop and ask for directions again (not that he ever would in the first place).
  • Car Rack
    • Image Credit: Yakima

    Car Rack

    Yakima Car Racks

    Instantly increase his vehicle's utility with a Yakima car rack. They can hitch to trunks, roofs, or truck beds, and can carry anything from skis, to mountain bikes, to that dusty kayak hanging up in the back of the shed. Whether Dad is hitting the snowy slopes or the dusty trail, these all-weather storage enhancers will cover his light-hauling needs.
  • Sunglasses
    • Image Credit: Sunglass Hut


    Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

    What better gift for your fam's commander-in-chief than a pair of classic, military-spec Aviators from Ray-Ban. These will cut down on glair while driving and are guaranteed to never go out of style.
  • iPod Adapter
    • Image Credit: Belkin

    iPod Adapter

    Belkin iPod Autokit

    He's got the techy media player, now help him put it to use with Belkin's iPod Auto kit. The kit makes sense of various cords one might need for an iPod, connecting it to the cigarette lighter and allowing the music player to be heard through the speakers of the car. There will be no more tuning around the radio static now that he has his entire music library at his fingertips.
  • Work Gloves
    • Image Credit: Mechanix Wear

    Work Gloves

    Mechanix Wear gloves

    Want Dad to work on his car and other messy projects without hurting himself? Buy him the gloves that those hardnosed NASCAR pit crew guys use. Mechanix gloves provide an incredible grip with the benefit of being able to keep your hands clean and safe. They are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match that oil-stained t-shirt he just won't throw away.
  • Car Polisher
    • Image Credit: Mothers

    Car Polisher

    Mothers Drill-Mounted Polisher

    We like the Mothers® PowerBall® because it takes advatange of a tool Dad probably already has in his tool kit: the electric drill. The PowerBall simply pops on the end (like a drill bit) and turns that old drill into a polisher. For the perfectionist in him, help him get his ride showroom ready.
  • Speedpass
    • Image Credit: Speedpass



    Mobil's Speedpass is a quick and easy way for Dad to pay at the pump. All he has to do is swipe the keychain attachment against the pump and the system activates, letting him fill up his (or your) car with ease. New Speedpass customers can even get a $.05 per gallon rebate in most states. Since the service is free, you may want to offer to pick up the first bill.
  • Gift Card
    • Image Credit: Autozone

    Gift Card

    Autozone Gift Card

    Ok, we'll admit it. We don't know exactly what your Dad wants for Father's Day, but perhaps neither do you! Let him pick out just what he needs to improve his ride with a gift card from retailers like Autozone.
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