2016 Geneva Motor Show
  • 2016 Geneva Motor Show
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    We pick our Swiss Misses

    In terms of the sheer number of debuts, Geneva is an insanely busy show. Important mainstream machines mix it up with super-fast supercars, funky concepts, and coachbuilt one-offs – there's really something for everyone here.

    That's why we love this specific round of our usual Editors' Choice so much. It's never an easy vote – there's just so much to choose from. But when the votes are tallied, there are always five standout showcars that we're proud to call our favorites. Read on to see this year's winners.

  • Koenigsegg Regera
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    5th Place: Koenigsegg Regera

    GREG MIGLIORE: It’s like the Bugatti Chiron, only lighter and with a hybrid powertrain. I think that’s kinda cool.

    BRANDON TURKUS: With the Regera, Koenigsegg shows that (1) Bugatti is not to be feared in the world of hypercars, and (2) it’s further reinforcement that the way forward for ultra-high-performance vehicles is hybridization, rather than a big, dumb, gas-only engine. It’s every bit as significant as the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1, because it takes similar ideas to an even more extreme level. 

    JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: How do you upstage Bugatti? By making an even quicker car. I can't wait to see an acceleration comparison test.

  • Chevy Corvette Grand Sport
    • Image Credit: Jonathon Ramsey / AOL

    4th Place: Chevy Corvette Grand Sport

    DAVID GLUCKMAN: Showing this car in Geneva was a questionable move, and it's likely to be overlooked, but this is precisely what I want from a 'Vette. The Z06 is just too much for daily driving, and I happen to love the base car's LT1. Pair that with the more aggressive setup and wide body, and I could see this becoming the most popular C7.

    JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: The fact that the Corvette Grand Sport was revealed at the same show as the Porsche 911 R wasn't lost on me. Let the rivalry blaze on.

    ALEX KIERSTEIN: Is this the perfect C7? I think the Z06 is a riot in short doses, but it's a ton of car. And the LT1 is a monster in its own right. We're jaded with horsepower figures in this Hellcat world, but 460 hp is a big stonkin' number, and a base C7 scoots. Add in the wide-body bits and the Z07 stuff, and it really seems like a C7 with a super track pack bolted on. Sounds like just the ticket.

  • Bugatti Chiron
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips / AOL

    3rd Place: Bugatti Chiron

    NOAH JOSEPH: "They'll never top this." That's what they all said when the Veyron first hit over a decade ago. But it looks like Bugatti has a fitting successor in place with the new Chiron and all its 1,500-ish hp. We're just looking forward to seeing one in something other than Smurf livery.

    MIKE AUSTIN: This feels like less of a moon shot than the Veyron, and more just an exercise in excess. But it's so pretty, and the sheer magnitude of the numbers is worthy of awe.

    BRANDON TURKUS: Almost 1,500 hp and an absurd top speed. The only reason I didn’t award even more points to this one is because it feels a bit safe for Bugatti. Anyone hoping for a sequel as insane in 2016 as the Veyron was when it debuted was likely disappointed by the Chiron.

  • Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips / AOL

    2nd Place: Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder

    DAVID GLUCKMAN: Nothing can beat the front fender line on this car. I think the Spyder looks even better than the gorgeous coupe that preceded it. Too bad the Alfa 8C is so very long gone. Maybe the next one can be a 5/8-scale version based on the Fiata.

    STEVEN EWING: I’ve voted for the Disco Volante every year it’s been shown in Geneva. Somehow, this powder blue Spyder is even more pretty than the already gorgeous coupes that came before it. How do you make an Alfa 8C even better looking? Give it to the folks at Touring Superleggera.

    CHRIS BRUCE: I haven't seen an unattractive vehicle yet from the modern incarnation of Touring Superleggera, and the Disco Volante Spyder is the company's best work yet. Simultaneously retro and modern, this convertible is beauty on wheels. 

  • Aston Martin DB11
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips / AOL

    1st Place: Aston Martin DB11

    GREG MIGLIORE: This is a sleek, impressive interpretation of Aston’s iconic styling for a new age. Forget the DB10 from Spectre. This is the car for James Bond.

    NOAH JOSEPH: Aston has been in dire need of a reboot for some time, and it's finally here with the launch of the new DB11. Sleek as it is, the Bond-issue DB10 had us a little worried that the British automaker was preparing to jettison some of its classic design influences, but the new luxury GT manages to stylistically keep touch with its past while stepping into the future.

    MIKE AUSTIN: A shame about the floating roof. It's the only nod to current trends in an otherwise timeless design.

    BRANDON TURKUS: This is both a beautiful evolution of Aston Martin’s design language and an excellent translation of the DB10 featured in Spectre. And with 600 hp, it should hopefully finally feel as powerful as an Aston Martin ought to.

  • Aston Martin DB11
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips / AOL

    Voting Breakdown

    Since our Geneva votes usually encompass a huge range of cars (see the next slide for everything that didn't make the cut), no one car tends to run away with a ton of points. Here's a look at how many points each of the top five received.

    • Aston Martin DB11 – 34 points
    • Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder – 33 points
    • Bugatti Chiron – 31 points
    • Chevy Corvette Grand Sport – 21 points
    • Koenigsegg Regera – 20 points
  • Volvo V90
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips / AOL

    Honorable Mentions

    With so much hot metal in Geneva, a ton of cars made our list of honorable mentions. Here's everything else our team voted for that didn't quite break into top-five territory.

    • Volvo V90 – 17 points
    • Porsche 911 R – 16 points
    • Honda Civic Hatchback – 13 points
    • Abarth 124 Spider – 12 points
    • Opel GT Concept – 11 points
    • Morgan EV3 – 11 points
    • Hyundai Ioniq – 10 points
    • Lamborghini Centenario – 8 points
    • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – 7 points
    • Toyota C-HR – 6 points
    • McLaren 570GT – 6 points
    • Italdesign GT Zero Concept – 5 points
    • Rimac Concept S – 4 points
    • Ford Fiesta ST200 – 4 points
    • DS E-Tense Concept – 2 points
    • Audi S4 Avant – 2 points
    • Jaguar F-Type SVR – 2 points
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