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Fiat 124 Spider
  • Fiat 124 Spider
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Our five favorite vehicles from the 2015 LA Auto Show

    The greatest thing about international auto shows like the one we just witnessed in Los Angeles is that automotive enthusiasts like ourselves get to see all the most exciting new vehicles coming to market within the next couple of years. Yes, we also love the concept cars, but it's the promise of future production models usually garners the most interest.

    With that in mind, Autoblog's staff of editors and car-crazy writers got together to choose our five favorite debuts from the 2015 LA Auto Show. The results can be seen in the image gallery above.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia at the 2015 LA Auto Show
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    5th Place: Alfa Romeo Giulia

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    JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: This may be the most beautiful sedan ever not to go on sale in the United States. I mean, Sergio keeps promising it'll go on sale, but I've begun losing hope...

    CHRIS BRUCE: Every time I see it, the Giulia just seems to look sexier, and that's quite a feat for a four-door sedan. The fact that the 2.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 makes 505 horsepower just makes the package that much sweeter.

    STEVEN EWING: I saw one of these in camouflaged, prototype form just a few days before the LA show. I geeked out over it then, and seeing it live in California only further cemented the Giulia's place in my heart. I cannot wait to drive this thing.

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Information

    Alfa Romeo Giulia
  • Lincoln MKZ at the 2015 LA Auto Show
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    4th Place: Lincoln MKZ

    ALEX KIERSTEIN: While I question why Lincoln is revealing its new corporate face on the MKZ rather than a production Continental, I applaud the Motor Company for dropping the contrived winged grille and cramming a ton of power in. Four hundred horsepower and AWD should make it swift enough to match the Jaguars it so blatantly emulates. Jags are great cars right now, so imitation isn't the worst tack Lincoln could have taken.

    MIKE AUSTIN: The effort going into making Lincoln cars more than just rebadged Fords might be enough to shut up the chorus of auto journalist naysayers. Also, 400 horsepower.

    CHRIS BRUCE: I would have never expected to praise the MKZ before the LA Auto Show, but Lincoln's designers really did something special for the 2017 refresh. The Continental concept-inspired face immeasurably improves the sedan's appearance, and the revised interior looks great. Plus, the new 400-hp twin-turbo V6 should be great to drive, especially with with the optional torque-vectoring rear differential.

    Lincoln MKZ Information

    Lincoln MKZ
  • Honda Civic Coupe at the 2015 LA Auto Show
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    3rd Place: Honda Civic Coupe

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    DAVID GLUCKMAN: Despite some of my coworkers' best efforts to persuade me otherwise, I think I like the way the newCivic coupe looks. But I'm not sure. It's a lot more interesting looking than the current car, and it should be a better drive too. I want to see one without the wing, though.

    ERIN MARQUIS: The Honda Civic is already a winner in my book. This one sticks closer to the awesome concept that won us over in New York.

    GREG MIGLIORE: I'm stoked to drive this thing, especially with the turbo 1.5-liter four-banger. Love the fastback look. The Civic is cool again.

    CHRIS BRUCE: We live in a great time for affordable, fun vehicles, and the Civic coupe is part of that movement. The coupe essentially brings the shape of the earlier concept to production with very minor changes. I can't wait to see it on the road.

    Honda Civic Information

    Honda Civic
  • Mazda CX-9 at the 2015 LA Auto Show
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    2nd Place: Mazda CX-9

    BRANDON TURKUS: I actually drove a prototype of this before the show, and while I can't say much more than that right now, know that in this voting, I awarded the CX-9 the maximum number of points. It's extremely handsome, both inside and out, and the new 2.5-liter, turbocharged Skyactiv engine is a very intriguing piece.

    ALEX KIERSTEIN: Mazda's Kodo design language seems to look great no matter what size or shape it's stretched over. The CX-9 is handsome, and backed with an interesting turbo four. It's built on Mazda6 bones; could a Mazdaspeed6 emerge with these mechanicals? In any case, when's the last time we all swooned over a three-row SUV?

    STEVEN EWING: Mazda is so incredibly on fire these days, and the CX-9 is the last piece of this puzzle. There isn't a single Mazda I wouldn't buy; sign me up for a CX-9 over everything else in the three-row crossover class.

    DAVID GLUCKMAN: Crossovers are, for the most part, silly. Mazda makes the good ones, though, in part because they're the most carlike. Even long into its first generation, the CX-9 was still nice to drive, and since Mazda has been on a roll lately I'm thinking this new model will be pretty great too. Bonus: I bet we're looking at the next Mazdaspeed3 engine.

    Mazda CX-9 Information

    Mazda CX-9
  • Fiat 124 Spider at the 2015 LA Auto Show
    • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

    1st Place: Fiat 124 Spider

    ALEX KIERSTEIN: The styling is polarizing, but you can't please everyone – and I like it. I also like the idea of a force-fed roadster built on excellent Miata bones. Whether better than the MX-5 or just different, I can't wait to drive 'em head-to-head.

    MIKE AUSTIN: The answer is always Miata. Even when it's a Fiat.

    BRANDON TURKUS: Ah, the Fiata. Not the best looking car, sure, but cheap, lightweight roadsters are a surefire way to score Autoblog Editors' Choice votes.

    JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: No, it's not a Miata. But that doesn't mean it's bad, and I'm betting the sound from its turbo engine will be worth the cost of admission all on its own.

    PETE BIGELOW: By far and away the star of the show. I don't know if it's better than the Miata, but it at least has people entertaining the possibility there's something better than perfection. I want to hate it, but I like it.

    GREG MIGLIORE: I was blown away by the design. It's faithful to the original yet has a sassy, contemporary take. When I look back to the 2015 LA Auto Show, this is the car I will remember.

    Fiat 124 Spider Information

    Fiat 124 Spider
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