• Honda Civic Concept face in green
    • Image Credit: Honda

    Editors' Choice: Top Five Debuts From The 2015 New York Auto Show

    The 2015 New York Auto Show has come and gone, meaning it's time for us to take a look back at the event and think a bit harder about what we just saw.

    There were some exciting production cars debuted in the Big Apple, and also some enticing concepts. Your friendly editors from Autoblog cast their ballots, and here are the results.

    Click on the image above to see the Top Five Debuts From The 2015 New York Auto Show.
  • Porsche Boxster Spyder in white on mountain road
    • Image Credit: Porsche

    Porsche Boxster Spyder

    NOAH JOSEPH: Forget the hybrids, the crossovers and the luxury sedans... this is what Porsche does best: small sports cars, no frills.

    ERIN MARQUIS: Just look at it. It screams fun to drive. Light and low, Porsche made sure only fun loving drivers will saddle up to this pretty pony. And it is quick, with a top speed of 180 mph and the ability to hit 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds. The interior is bare bones, but driving is the point of this car. If you need bells and whistles (read: distractions from your relationship with the road) then look elsewhere.

    CHRIS BRUCE: Porsche tends to hang onto the Spyder name for special cars, and this Boxster certainly shows that. Sure, it has a 3.8-liter flat-six making 375 horsepower and is the lightest Boxster in the range, but the really cool touches are the aesthetic upgrades. Those little nacelles behind each seat and ducktail spoiler at the back really make the look of the car.
  • Cadillac CT6 in dark grey on smoky street
    • Image Credit: Cadillac

    Cadillac CT6

    GREG MIGLIORE: This big sedan has all of Caddy's latest and best technology. It looks imposing yet still displays confidence and elegance.

    SEYTH MIERSMA: Sharp-edged Cadillac styling isn't surprising on this flagship car, but I do think it might look best in this big-body format. I'm excited to ride in and drive this Caddy, and I'm really excited that the XTS isn't at the top of the GM food chain anymore.

    CHRIS BRUCE: The Lincoln Continental might be the bigger surprise in New York, but I still prefer the CT6. Its long, razor-sharp lines look upscale and thoroughly modern. The design is simultaneously aggressive yet handsome, like a heavyweight boxer wearing a tailored three-piece suit. Beyond the styling, it's a tech powerhouse. Just the fact Caddy's engineers are able to bring the big sedan's weight in below the current BMW 5 Series is impressive.
  • McLaren 570S in orange on race track with sunset
    • Image Credit: McLaren

    McLaren 570S

    SEYTH MIERSMA: I find McLaren taking on Porsche 911-style lineup variety really exciting. Little Mac still reads as "supercar" – in fact it might be my favorite design of the company's current lineup. It's also a future foil of the Audi R8. Let the comparisons commence.

    NOAH JOSEPH: Granted, I still can't afford one – not by a longshot – but F1 tech from one of the leading teams in the (relatively) most accessible form yet is a winning combination in my book.

    BRANDON TURKUS: I didn't like the 570S when I saw the first pictures, but it's a far more impressive car in person. Despite attacking a much lower price point than the 650S, it doesn't look or feel any cheaper. There's a huge amount of carbon fiber, both inside and out, and the leatherwork in the cabin is very nicely done. I really, really can't wait to drive this one.
  • Lincoln Continental Concept in blue with city skyline
    • Image Credit: Lincoln

    Lincoln Continental Concept

    MIKE AUSTIN: Elvis owned his share of Lincoln Continentals back in the day. I can't help but think he'd love this one, especially with all the blue suede. I can even picture The King shooting out the infotainment screen on this concept car.

    SHARON CARTY: Yeah, there's a reason why sometimes we keep chattering on and on about the same car. That's because sometimes it's the most awesome car at an auto show. Sure, it looks a lot like the Bentley Continental. But Lincoln should be striving for that regal, upper-crust look. Kudos to the designers, and I'd really like a set of those wheels please.

    JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Just when the split-wing grille started growing on me, Lincoln went and changed it up. That's okay, though, 'cuz this Continental ought to go into production looking just the way it does as a concept. While I'm no fan of a copycat, in this instance, the fact that Bentley designers stood up and took notice is not a bad thing.

    ADAM MORATH: Among the best-looking luxury concepts to come out of the Detroit in years, the Lincoln Continental gracefully walks the line between throwback charm and modern design. The concept also marks the return of a once-revered nameplate, a welcome break from Lincoln's alphabet soup naming convention, not to mention being reminiscent of Christopher Walken's beloved recurring SNL character. Extra points for Christopher Walken.
  • Honda Civic Coupe Concept in green in warehouse
    • Image Credit: Honda

    Honda Civic Concept

    STEVEN EWING: I love when automakers have legitimate surprises for us at auto shows. Leading up to New York, Honda would only tell me it had a "design announcement." Yeah, you could say that. The surprise of this debut, plus the exciting announcement of the Type R, turbo engines, and return of the hatchback makes this a big winner, for sure.

    MIKE AUSTIN: Honda did the impossible. It made a car that is instantly recognizable as a Honda but moved the brand's styling forward in a way that was desperately needed. Hello again, exciting Honda, we missed you. Also, lime green.

    GREG MIGLIORE: Love the bright lime green paint, and the turbo four-cylinder paired with a six-speed manual has me licking my chops.

    SHARON CARTY: This was a sweet surprise, and the color hurts so good.

    ADAM MORATH: The aggressive, angular styling of the Civic concept reinvigorates the mark for its 10th generation. We're so excited about the edgy design and announcement of a 5-door hatchback variant that we're even willing to forgive the bright green color of the concept.

    SEYTH MIERSMA: Shock, awe, excitement... suspicion. The Civic concept is so good that I can't quite believe it. But the truth is that new Honda production cars have hewn so close to the concepts that came before them, that we should all dare to dream that the tenth-gen Civic will be this good looking. Oh, hey, they're bringing the Type R to the US, and we're getting a five-door hatch again. Full points.
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