Motor Oil
  • Motor Oil
  • Motor oil is the biggest problem area. 32 percent of vehicles had oil that was either dirty, low, or overfull. Photo by squashpicker | CC 2.0
Washer fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Those distracted idiots also can't see. 23 percent of vehicles were low on washer fluid. Photo by spike55151 | CC 2.0
Low coolant
  • Low coolant
  • Surprisingly, while 23 percent of cars either had antifreeze leaks leading to low fluid, or dirty, old coolant circulating in the cooling system, you don't see a preponderance of cars overheating on the side of the road. Photo by Blue Fork | CC 2.0
other important fluids...
  • other important fluids...
  • More concerning, other vital fluids like Transmission, brake, power steering and clutch fluids were failures 17 percent of the time. Yikes. Photo by radicalfutures | CC 2.0
Windshield wipers
  • Windshield wipers
  • Wipers go hand in hand with washer fluid, and streaky, blurry windshields are the result of 15 percent of cars carrying defective wipers. Photo by crimistar | CC 2.0
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