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  • Third Place: Lexus LF-30 — 29 points
  • Managing Editor Greg Rasa: Someone said this car looks like a doorstop — if so, it must prop open the door to the future. I think it looks cool, like a Lexus LC that's been fitted with warp drive. It packs 536 horsepower and a 110 kWh battery, so if Lexus brings anything remotely like this to market, it'll enter the EV derby in a big way.

    Senior Editor, Green, John Snyder: Elegant and loaded with tech, Lexus looks like it intends to make a driver's car for the EV set. Based on Lexus' current offerings and the vision put forth here, I can't wait to see what makes it to production.

    Senior Producer Chris McGraw: It doesn't look it from the photos, but this Lexus is big and beautiful, and shows that they're actually going to get into the EV game. The design language is a bit too futuristic for me, but that's exactly what they were going for, and 2030 will be here before we know it. 

  • Image Credit: Lexus
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