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    Minivans are fantastic vehicles for a wide variety of reasons. Most notably, they can comfortably -- and safely -- fit a large family inside, allowing for easy transportation to school and other destinations.

    But its utility has also become its detriment, stigmatizing these boxy vehicles as the last refuge of soccer moms and over protective fathers.

    With state of the art entertainment systems, configurable interiors, tables, and enough cup holders to hold a 12-pack, minivans can be used for a wide variety of activities that you may not realize.

    We've compiled a list of seven out-of-the-ordinary activities that one may do as a minivan owner that drivers of other vehicles aren't able to enjoy as much. Of course, they can two parents and a starting hockey team too.

    Click through to see what we came up with.

  • Donuts
    • Image Credit: Chrysler


    The Dodge Grand Caravan R/T is Chrysler's "man van."

    Equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine that produces 283 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, the Grand Caravan R/T allows for the driver to enjoy a pretty serious white-knuckle-inducing ride.

    Additionally, the R/T comes in a distinctly different appearance package than standard Grand Caravans. The minivan is equipped with 17-inch wheels, a body color grille and front spoiler. Inside, even the all black and red interior interior is mean.

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  • Fine Dining
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    Fine Dining

    Throw down a white tablecloth, a bottle of wine and a couple of filets and you've got one heck of a fine meal ... in your minivan.

    While Chrysler has dropped the feature from its latest Town & Country minivan, the previous generation featured the quirky Swivel 'n Go picnic table package, which allowed the second row to swivel and face the back and mount a table between those seats and the third row. Having this allows for games, work and, yes, fine dining if you're so inclined.

    And assuming the meal goes well, you and your date could be moving on to our next use for the minivan ...

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  • "Honeymoon"
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    Let's just call the way we see it: Minivans are great for sex. Just look at all of that room! Even with those cushy leather seats up you and your date/significant other/random stranger have more than ample room to engage in intimacy. 

    The Honda Odyssey, for instance, has 148.5 cubic feet of space with the seats down. That's more than enough room for some pillows, blankets, a mattress and whatever else you need. Bumper stickers that say, "If this minivan's a rockin'" are not included.

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  • Sleep
    • Image Credit: Toyota


    Insomnia? On a budget road trip? In the dog house because you forgot an important date? Having a minivan as a place to sleep is a pretty solid alternative to a bed.

    While they're no memory-foam mattress, the seats in the Toyota Sienna are more than comfy enough to ensure a good night sleep. Combine that with its quiet interior and available tinted windows (you don't want peepers in the middle of the night, after all), and the Sienna becomes a veritable backup to the bedroom.

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  • Haul
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    We already established that minivans are excellent for hauling around your family members. As you probably guessed, they're also great for hauling your stuff.

    We're not just talking golf clubs here. Minivans are awesome for transporting some serious cargo. From construction equipment to big outdoor toys and everything in between, minivans can often be used in place of pickup trucks.

    This is especially true in minivans like the Dodge Grand Caravan, which employs the very useful Stow-n-Go seating, which allows for the second and third row seats to be easily folded into the floor.

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  • Experience The Cinema (Almost)
    • Image Credit: Honda

    Experience The Cinema (Almost)

    Have you been to the movies lately? The prices are insane! Since it costs upwards of $20 per person for a movie and some popcorn, why not just bring the experience home or, better yet, to your car?

    Almost all minivans on the market right now have some kind of entertainment system in the back, many complete with top-of-the-line audio. The Honda Odyssey has a 16.2-inch ultrawide screen with HDMI technology, which produces a very crisp viewing experience. It even allows for split-screen viewing of two different movies if you and another can't agree on what to watch.

    With your minivan you can settle in, make some (much cheaper) popcorn and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own vehicle.

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  • Smoke
    • Image Credit: Nissan


    Second-hand smoke dangers aside, the fact is that smokers are quickly running out of places to have a cigarette as more and more states enforce bans in public places.

    Believe it or not, the Nissan Quest can actually be a place to enjoy a smoke without being a total nuisance to non-smokers. With its combination of Plasmacluster air purifier, Grape Polyphenol Filter and auto recirculation control, the Quest is remarkably effective at eliminating odors, not to mention allergens and other unwanted air particles.

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