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Best Cars for Families

The 2018 U.S. News Best Cars for Families Awards highlight cars with the best combination of reliability, safety, space, family-friendly features, and positive reviews from professional automotive critics. Learn more about the 2018 Best Cars for Families Awards.

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Ford Edge

The Edge, er, edged out the Nissan Murano in the two-row SUV field. That's no surprise; the edge is a comfortable crossover that's rewarding to drive, especially in EcoBoost trims. It got high marks for cargo space and rear seat room.
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Ford Expedition

We were pleasantly shocked at how much of a giant leap forward the Expedition is in its new form. So its place on this list is a given. Cargo space is immense, and driving refinement and overall comfort is way up. Plus there are plenty of amenities for the whole family.

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Honda CR-V

With the Honda badge and a history of huge sales, the new CR-V has a lot to live up to. Luckily it has the perfect combination of reliability, functionality, and family-pleasing features to keep it on the list.
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Honda Odyseey

The competition in the minivan space has really heated up thanks to the redesigned and highly advanced Chrysler Pacifica. But the Odyssey wins out due to a combination of quality, reliability, and clever implementation of the usual suspects, including that famous vacuum.

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Toyota Camry

The Camry has been a best-selling sedan for ages, so putting it on a list of best family vehicles is an easy call. The new Camry has great safety scores and equipment, as well as legendary Toyota reliability. A fresh face might be a little polarizing, but at least it stands out more than Camrys of the past.
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Chevrolet Traverse

It's comfortable seating and plenty of space for up to eight occupants that sets the Traverse above the competition. More importantly, it drives smaller than it is, and it's not hard to look at. Add in a competitive mix of features and amenities for the whole family, and it's a lock.
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Kia Cadenza

Offering more space, comfort, and excellent value compared to a mid-sized sedan, the Cadenza is a perfect near-luxury sedan for small families. It's also a better vehicle for multi-purpose use (like taking business clients out to lunch) than your typical minivan.
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Mercedes-Benz GLE

The ML-Series SUV the GLE replaces was a highly rated, popular mid-sized luxury SUV. There aren't many more comfortable and competent two-rows around. Plus, there's a competitive amount of storage space and cargo room.
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Audi A6

Just redesigned, the Audi A6 is a standout in terms of both curb appeal as well as rear-seat room, perfect if you have a couple of tall teenagers to cart around. It's also a lot of fun to drive. For the enthusiast who doesn't need a crossover or SUV, it's the perfect double-duty daily driver.
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Audi Q5

The Q5 marries compact exterior dimensions (and thus easy parking!) and extremely handsome styling to create a heck of a impact, even in what's increasingly a space in which style is becoming as important as utility. But, the Q5 has that, too. 
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