• Image Credit: Ford

1. Over 300 Horsepower...From a V-6

There was a time not too long ago when manufacturers made pronouncements about V-8 engines that made 200 horsepower. Those days are gone with modern technology and advanced engineering: the new V-6 in the Mustang can boast a whopping 305 horsepower. That's serious push for something with only six pistons.
  • Image Credit: Ford

2. Guilt-free pleasure

Sports cars are supposed to gulp fuel, right? That used to be the case, but the new 'Stang is a thoroughly modern piece of kit. It boasts fuel economy of 30 MPG (with the automatic transmission), a very respectable number considering most family sedans can't even match that. As a point of comparison, that's better than a V-6 Toyota Camry for highway mileage.
  • Image Credit: Ford

3. Six-Speed Transmissions

The new Mustang comes with a choice of six-speed transmissions (automatic or manual). Why are six speeds better than five? The engine revs at a lower speed (think of your bicycle gears) when traveling at higher speeds, so the engine does less work. This translates into a quieter ride and more importantly, smarter (and lower) fuel consumption.
  • Image Credit: Ford

4. 160-mph Speedometer

There's something special about having a speedometer that goes well above legal limits. Even if we never touch that speed (okay, we have on occasion sampled some triple digit speeds, but don't tell anyone), it's encouraging for our egos. The new 'Stang comes with a 160-mph speedometer, egging us on each and every day.
  • Image Credit: Ford, GM

5. They Had To Do This

With the new 2009 Chevy Camaro selling like contraband (and for many months beating the Mustang in monthly sales), Ford needed to upgrade the V-6 offering in order to catch up. Chevy's sports car (in V-6 trim) is rated a respectable 29 MPG and 304 horsepower. Ford can now clearly claim dominance in this versus battle.
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