• Jeff Gordon Dental Floss
  • You'd think with all those dental hygiene jokes about NASCAR fans, the racing institution would have nixed plans to license driver-themed dental floss. Then again, maybe it's their way of addressing the biting comments instead of just giving lip service. NASCAR could have just brushed off the misconception that their fans are unable of caring for their canines, but instead, they got to the root of the problem. Jeff Gordon floss is ok, but we say bring on the Darrell Waltrip nitrous oxide!
Haynes playing cards
  • Haynes playing cards
  • If your wife calls your car magazines "porn" and accuses you of ogling other women's bumpers, these decks are quite possibly your version of pinup girl poker cards. More famous for their automotive repair manuals, Haynes has licensed their name and distinctive book design to a line of products sure to appeal to any wrench-owner. Sure, the playing cards are very cool and come in VW Van, Beetle, Mini, and Porsche 911, but there are also magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, wallets and a retro-cool lunch box. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find them for sale on this side of the pond so be prepared to pay dearly for international shipping.
Three Pedal Club t-shirt
  • Three Pedal Club t-shirt
  • You laugh at the term "clutchless automatic" and dread hearing anyone praising their car's manumatic transmission. Your car has three pedals, thank you, the way God intended. Right? It's time you let the world know your position on the issue by joining the Three Pedal Club. Get it in gear and pick up one of the club's t-shirts before the clutch goes the way of the foot-controlled headlight dimmer.
Jalopy Journal 2008 calendar
  • Jalopy Journal 2008 calendar
  • A gift guide without a calendar is like a rust-free 1971 Ford Maverick. It just ain't natural. To keep up with what day of the week it is, we'd choose this one from Jalopy Journal. Every month it offers stunningly gorgeous black and white photography of lust-worthy hot rods.
Unofficial Guide to the Knight Rider Universe
  • Unofficial Guide to the Knight Rider Universe
  • Do you know what KITT stands for? Or what KITT"s top speed was? Do you know the name of Michael Knight's boss? Did you know George Barris built the convertible and super-pursuit versions of KITT? Do you know the license plate KITT wears? No? Dude, you are so not ready for the new Knight Rider movie coming out. You've got about a year to prepare, and the "Knight Rider Legacy Unofficial Universe" is your Cliff's Notes. Or you could just watch every episode, now available on DVD.
V8 belt buckle
  • V8 belt buckle
  • Next time someone asks, "That thing got a Hemi?" punch 'em. No, kidding. Knee 'em. No, ha ha. Kidding again. Instead, lift up your shirt (and your spare tire if applicable) and say, "Heck, no! Don't you know Italian engineering when you see it?" While we don't know if it's actually an Italian V8 belt buckle or not, if the questioner actually gets close enough to inspect your shiny new belt buckle, you've got another opportunity (and our permission) to sucker punch 'em. Ha ha, that's us kidding again!
Heninger HitchMate HandSignal
  • Heninger HitchMate HandSignal
  • Naked trailer hitches have, apparently, been screaming for something to do, which explains the plethora of hitch covers out there. But you might as well put that thing to work instead of just prettying it up. Hitchmate agrees and offers the HandSignal. Leave the fingers as they are to say, "Hi!" or bend them into other well-known gestures like thumbs up, thumbs down, uh, thumbs sideways, and, well, that other one we're sure you'd never want to give to all those courteous, law-abiding, attentive drivers out there.
Automoblox C9R
  • Automoblox C9R
  • You know about Automoblox. They're such cool toys to play with after the kids have gone to bed. Adding to the company's coolness is their new limited edition C9R Sportscar. The C9R is essentially the already sporty C9 with lowered suspension, larger wheels and unique front and rear blocks. Side skirts and deeper front splitter make this one fast-looking wooden car.
Top Gear Race the Stig game
  • Top Gear Race the Stig game
  • Some say "Top Gear"'s tamed racing driver has always owned Park Place, Boardwalk and Free Parking. Others say he's never been beaten at tic-tac-toe. All we know is that he's called The Stig, and he's got his own board game. This electronic game looks to be a combination of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. All we know is that we'd like to have one if anyone got our name.
Carbon Fiber Wallet
  • Carbon Fiber Wallet
  • Every ounce of weight savings is crucial to getting the most performance out of your car. If you think you've done all you can, have you considered how much that leather wallet of yours weighs? Didn't think so. Trade that overweight, dead-cow-covered billfold for one of these super-light, stronger-than-steel, carbon fiber wallets. An added bonus is how well they protect your rear end in the event of a crash.
Richard Petty RideAlong
  • Richard Petty RideAlong
  • Ever wonder how it feels to do 165 in a NASCAR stock car? Ever wonder how some people can afford to pay $400 to dry as few as 8 laps at those driving experience sessions? For less than it takes to fill up most full-size SUVs, you can call shotgun with a professional driver for three laps at race-qualifying speeds. The Richard Petty Driving Experience offers Ride-Alongs at more than 20 tracks around the country.
Ferrari Dice
  • Ferrari Dice
  • It's tough to think of a better way to design dice. Six sides, six pips. Done. Oh, but they're missing that little something. A prancing stallion! Of course! That little high-performance pony makes everything better and adds that little touch of class that says, "No matter what I roll, I'll still have more money than you."
Ferrari Dice
  • Ferrari Dice
  • It's tough to think of a better way to design dice. Six sides, six pips. Done. Oh, but they're missing that little something. A prancing stallion! Of course! That little high-performance pony makes everything better and adds that little touch of class that says, "No matter what I roll, I'll still have more money than you."
The Stang Bag
  • The Stang Bag
  • For the Mustang-loving ladies out there (who may or may not be named Sally), Ford bags up 1964. The bag itself is made of actual NOS 1966 Mustang vinyl, the handle is inspired by 1960s steering wheels, and the whole thing is embellished with that instantly recognizable 289 fender badge. Very nice, in our opinion, but we can't wait to see the Boss 302, Shelby, Bullitt, James Bond, Roush, Saleen and, possibly, Knight Rider versions of the bag.
Oldsmobile dealership neon sign
  • Oldsmobile dealership neon sign
  • Just because the General decided not to invest any more in the Oldsmobile brand doesn't mean you can't. This reproduction of a decades-old dealership sign is custom-built and limited to only 100 editions. Other signs available are Pontiac, Chevy, Cadillac and Buick.
VRX Mach 4 racing simulator
  • VRX Mach 4 racing simulator
  • There are racing simulators, and then there's VRX Industries simulators. Their VRX Mach 4 is the Bugatti Veyron of sims. It takes four Xbox 360s to run the Mach 4's three 37" high-def LCD screens and 7" LCD rear view mirror. Realistic sound is provided by a Bose Acoustimass system with a Harmon Kardon surround sound receiver. A Sparco Monza racing seat holds you tight as the 1500 watt tactile feedback system and 1900 watt tactile power amp simulate ever bump and crash. And if all that isn't enough to make you feel like a racecar driver, there's even a virtual wind system, people. With all that realism, you're gonna work up a thirst, and you're taken care of there, too, with, a "beverage containment system." Not even Mr. Räikkönen gets one of those.
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