• #19 - Mazdaspeed / MER 1 - 2006 Mazda MX-5 from Cresson, TX - 1st Overall - 1st in ES Class
  • #44 - Achilles Motorsport - 1995 BMW M3 from Murrieta, CA - 2nd Overall - 1st in E0 Class
  • #16 - Dreams Motorsports - 2009 Honda Civic Si from Torrence, CA - 3rd Overall - 2nd in E0 Class
  • #87 - Green Alternative Motorsports - M20F from Palo Alto, CA - 4th Overall - 1st in ESR Class
  • #29 - Mazdaspeed / MER 2 - 2006 Mazda MX-5 from Cresson, TX - 5th Overall - 1st in E1 Class
  • #38 - Team Independent BMW / E-Ticket Mot - 1997 BMW M3 from Tucson, AZ - 6th Overall - 3rd in E0 Class
  • #48 - Hooverspeed / Mazda Motorsport - 2006 Mazda MX-5 from Cameron Park, CA - 7th Overall - 2nd in E1 Class
  • #49 - Hooverspeed / Mazda Motorsport - 2006 Mazda MX-5 from Cameron Park, CA - 8th Overall - 3rd in E1 Class
  • #25 - Team Honda Research West 2 Honda/Acura RSX Type-S from Torrence, CA - 9th Overall - 4th in E0 Class
  • #67 - Team Nitto Tire - 2000 BMW 325 from Costa Mesa, CA - 10th Overall - 5th in E0 Class
  • #4 - Prototype Development Group - GTM-R from Stockton, CA - This odd hybrid of a Ford GT and a prototype car caught our eye the moment it barreled down the straight in a wave of V8 fury. You can get all the details from their website, but all you really need to know is this: mid-mounted, LS6 putting out 400+ hp, 2,400 pounds and road-going versions are available. They came in 11th overall and 2nd in the ES Class.
  • #88 - Midnight Performance - Acura Integra - Also know as "Perseverance Racing" by our friends in the timing booth, this team endured a t-bone collision and a large shard of metal entering the cabin during last year's 25-hour race, and had their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube, where the team performed an emergency alignment using an Escalade and a Tundra. They made it out slightly unscathed this year (except for missing a hood) to place 34th overall and 8th in the E2 Class.
  • #27 - MPME/Scion/Modified Mag - 2007 Scion tC from Hayward, CA - This is the same team that began rebuilding their ride Thursday night after an impromtu off-track excursion. We started talking to the team's crew chief, but got pulled away. We know the tC was developed with the help of Scion and placed 42nd overall and 9th in the ES Class.
  • #04 - Butte College - 2004 Honda S2000 from Oroville, CA - We've written about the Butte team before, and their 43rd overall placement is nothing compared to their 1st place finish in the EC Class.
  • #22 Calculated Risk/GOTO Racing - 1994 Honda Del Sol from Scotts Valley, CA - We caught up with Mike, the owner of everyone's most loved/loathed roadster and six-time Thunderhill veteran. The little green meanie is actually his Honda Challenge car, complete with an H23 engine swap with a set of cams. They finished 36th overall and 13th in the E0 Class.
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