Jeep Gladiator

If a name works great for a car, chances are it would also work for an American Gladiator. You know, the roid-tastic athletes from the competition show from the early 1990s of the same name featuring iconic games like the Assault, Atlasphere, Powerball and the Eliminator. When I was a kid, it was basically my favorite TV show not starring Patrick Stewart. A reboot in the mid 2000s starring Hulk Hogan completely missed the mark and was terrible, but added a few more common names to the pile.

In fact, there are several more Gladiator names that would make swell car names ... such as, literally, Gladiator now that it would seem Jeep will apply it to the new Wrangler pickup. There's another one! Wrangler would've been a great Gladiator name. So now, enjoy 18 more cars that share their names with American Gladiators. Cue that iconic music.

-James Riswick

  • Image Credit: Dodge

Dodge Nitro

One of most memorable Gladiators was Nitro. At one time the Dodge Nitro was available in trim levels named Shock and Detonator. Oddly, neither were American Gladiators. They could have been.
  • Image Credit: Dodge

Dodge Viper

Buick Electra

The Gladiator spelled her name Elektra. She did back flips onto the Powerball court. She was cool. I totally had a school boy crush on her. I had no thoughts on the Buick. 

Plymouth Laser

There was a trio of really awesome Gladiators that were together for much of the show's run: Tower, Turbo and Laser. The Laser was also sold as an Eagle Talon, either of which would've been good Gladiator names.
  • Image Credit: GM

Geo Storm

The Geo Storm existed at the same time as Storm the American Gladiator. So did the X Man. Nevertheless, she should've rethought that one.
  • Image Credit: Porsche

Porsche 911 Turbo

One of the more memorable American Gladiators, Turbo specifically chose his name because he liked the way it sounded on various cars. Like the 911 Turbo I suppose. The things you remember from TV years and year ago.
  • Image Credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Atlas

Atlas was an American Gladiator during the 1992-1993 season. The Volkswagen is more memorable.

Chevrolet Malibu

The American Gladiators debuted in 1990. One of the first Gladiators was Malibu. His glorious glam blond hair would make that time period rather obvious.
  • Image Credit: Autoblog

Nissan Titan

There were Titans on both the original and reboot of the American Gladiators. I have zero recognition of either.

Studebaker Hawk

Hawk was a big, burly (duh) blond guy with a flat top. He probably didn't drive a Studebaker.
  • Image Credit: Dodge

Dodge Stealth

Stealth was a Gladiator on the Hulk Hogan American Gladiator reboot, which was awful. The Dodge Stealth was not. It was bonkers, but it was not awful. 
  • Image Credit: GM

Saturn Sky

Sky the Gladiator was a very tall lady who, as I recall, was quite a good Gladiator. The Saturn Sky, as I recall, was not good at all.

Mercury Cyclone

I have no recollection of the Gladiator, but hey, this was one rad gigantic Mercury coupe with apparently a password for action. Oh 1960s ads. So anachronistically sexist my millenial brain can't quite comprehend exactly how it's sexist but it's quite clearly totally sexist. 
  • Image Credit: Honda

Honda Jazz

The Fit in other lands is called the Jazz. Why an American Gladiator thought "Jazz" would make a good name for herself on an athletic competition show is beyond me.

Plymouth Fury

Another of the reboot American Gladiators. I wonder if she could body slam that happy 1960s couple frolicking through the field to their Fury.

Ram Rebel

Good Gladiator name. Good truck name. Sadly, the Gladiator did not have a fu manchu mustache to match the truck.

Hennessey Venom

Another of the reboot Gladiators, I don't remember him. I do remember seeing Steven Tyler driving a Hennessey Venom, though. He was driving extremely slowly in it. Apparently he didn't want to a miss a thing of the scenery. Or he's an old man.
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