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Ruh-Roh: Nick Hogan announces return to drifting

Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Hogan, has announced that he'll be returning to competitive drifting. That's right, at one point in time Nick Hogan was a competitive professional drifter, licensed by Formula D and finishing as high as third place at a 2007 NOPI Drift event. Then he went and Jonny Lieberman

Review: 2009 Nissan 370Z

2009 Nissan 370Z - Click above for high-res gallery

Coloring inside the Lines: Nissan 370Z Roadster

With Nissan anticipated to launch the convertible version of its 2010 370Z in a few months' time at the New York Auto Show, a batch of outline drawings of the new roadster managed to walk out of the EU patent office last week. But revealing as those blueprints are, they still require some degree of imagination. Fortunately, the guys ov

Spy Photos: Mystery car following 350Z mule?

Several photos have popped up in the last week of a Nissan 350Z –based mule that has been circulating on public roads. The prototype is clearly based on the existing car but with a shortened greenhouse. World Car Fans has a bunch more photos of this car today, but in the first photo the mule is followed by a second mystery car that

Spy Shots: Nissan's affordable RWD sports car

Last week we told you about Nissan's plan to revise the 350Z and add a new, smaller RWD sports coupe to its lineup. All of a sudden, pics of that smaller sports coupe have appeared today on the interweb. Winding Road has a few clear shots of an oddly shaped 350Z-based mule tagging along behind a Porsche Boxste

Rumor Mill: New Supra details emerge

UPDATE: Ed Hellwig from the Straighline Blog totally

2007 350Z Pricing Announced

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Nissan forgets to take out trash and fuels speculation

In its haste to leave Southern California, Nissan apparently forgot to check with the local salvage yard and make sure its spent prototypes were destroyed while it was moving its operations to Tennessee. Unfortunately for Nissan, some anonymous Nissan Performance Mag staffers found a banged up 2007 Infiniti G35 (we assume sedan, although it's not specifically stated) hiding out under a cover in an auto salvage yard. Normally this wouldn't be noteworthy, as the major auto mags have already report

First Drive: Nissan 350Z GT-S Concept and its flickable supercharger

The Nissan 350Z GT-S is a labor of love for seven engineers at Nissan's European technical facility who built the one-off in their own time. Their only restraint was to keep the Z usable, but beyond that the team went hog wild in crafting a concept that held its own running up the hill at the 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Arizona firm dangles 350Z keys as employee incentive

Infusion Software sounds like our kind of company. The Gilbert, AZ based technology/consulting firm sure knows how to get its people motivated. You see, the Employee of the Month gets use of the company car for -- what else -- a month. Now, most of the time, "company car" usually means something drenched with the kind anonymity usually reserved for rental-fleet staples.