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GMC Hummer EV range is 329 miles; deliveries in December

That's for Edition 1; range should improve on later versions

Spy Shots
2023 Ford Escape spy photos show Mach-E styling inspiration

It will also match the new Mondeo and Evos overseas

Red crabs halt car traffic on the roads of Christmas Island

Some people freak out, some lie on the ground and let the crabs crawl over them

Tesla German factory workers to set up union works council

And Elon Musk is not exactly fond of unions

12 new cars that will never go out of style

We'll never get tired of looking at these handsome designs

Biden orders release of oil reserves to drive down gas prices

But how will OPEC+ respond to his 'message to the Saudis'?

2022 Chevrolet Blazer Premier costs less than the 2021 model

Chevrolet shuffled standard and optional features

Deals and Promotions
Best Cyber Monday 2021 deals

Looking to save over $600 on a new TV? Don't miss these deals

Two Wheels
Streetlogic launches collision warning system for e-bikes

It'll first scan for threats from cars but could expand to things like potholes

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