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Stimulus package will grant automakers a lifeline — but don't call it a bailout

Meanwhile, Ford gets junk bond rating, and GM may be headed that way

WASHINGTON/DETROIT (Reuters) - The $2 trillion economic rescue package before the U.S. Senate on Wednesday would send the federal government to the auto industry's rescue for the second time in a dozen years. Automakers are fearful of being tagged as seeking a new government bailout so soon after the 2009 government-funded auto restructurings. Detroit has not sought industry-specific assistance, instead making the case that the entire economy needs urgent access to liquidity.

Video: Ford and UAW join the coronavirus fight

They'll be creating more than 100,000 face shields a week

Autoblog Coronavirus Coverage

All the Latest Coronavirus Coverage from the Automotive World

Hertz offers free car rentals to healthcare workers in New York City

The rental car industry is reeling from the effects of coronavirus lockdowns

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2020 VW Passat Driveway Test Video | Stretching out in the jumbo back seat

You want a big sedan? VW will give you a big sedan. The back seat is giant.

Some tolls on U.S. roads suspended due to coronavirus

More common is switching to electronic-only toll collection

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