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NTSB cites drivers in fatal Tesla Autopilot crash, and photos tell the harrowing story

Tesla criticized for not restricting Autopilot to conditions for which it was designed

Monaco Grand Prix canceled, and even Prince Albert has the coronavirus

Formula One's 2021 technical changes have also been put on hold

Monaco cancelled its showcase Formula One Grand Prix, the sport's most famous and glamorous race, in another high-profile casualty of the coronavirus epidemic on Thursday. Formula One earlier said the May 24 race was postponed, along with Dutch and Spanish races scheduled for the same month, and pushed back a major technical rules revamp from 2021 to 2022. The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) said uncertainty about the teams' participation and access, with neighbouring France and Italy in lockd

Ferrari, Fiat, McLaren, Nissan join coronavirus ventilator efforts

McLaren, Nissan and Airbus are also stepping up

Italian carmakers Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler are in talks with the nation's biggest ventilator manufacturer to help to boost production of the life-saving machines that are urgently needed in the coronavirus crisis, company officials said on Thursday. Italy is at the epicenter of the pandemic and its government has embarked on a big expansion of the number of intensive care beds, many of which will require ventilators to keep patients alive by taking over breathing functions. Siare Engineering

The Bentley Bacalar went from a sketch to a 650-hp roadster in nine months

It will be sold under the Show and Display rule in America

Ford suspends stock dividend, hoards cash due to coronavirus

Automaker braces its finances to weather the storm

Let's all take a moment to smile at this tiny Subaru van

It's a 1993 Subaru Sambar Dias! It's cute and happy and exactly what we need right now

This could be the next-gen Z car logo

Canadian trademark filing reveals the logo from Nissan

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