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Merged PSA and Fiat would retain all brands, Tavares says

The merger also could take a year to complete

PARIS/TURIN, Italy (Reuters) - Peugeot maker PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler would retain all of their car brands if their planned $50 billion merger goes ahead, the would-be chief executive of the combined group said on Friday. PSA CEO Carlos Tavares, seen as the architect of PSA's turnaround and in line to take the operational helm in the Fiat tie-up, said in a TV interview that the companies complemented each other well geographically and in terms of technology and brands. F

Trump nominates former Ford executive to be U.S. energy secretary

Dan Brouillette currently serves as deputy energy secretary

The U.S. Department of Energy said on Thursday that President Donald Trump had formally nominated Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, a former vice president of Ford Motor Co and Louisiana state energy regulator, to head the department. If confirmed by the Senate, Brouillette will replace Rick Perry, who said last month he would step down by the end of the year. "If confirmed, I will further Secretary Perry's legacy of promoting energy independence, innovation, and security for the Americ

How the GM strike sent ripples across auto parts suppliers

Several companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars

Bloodhound next aims for 550 mph in testing in its quest to hit 1,000

'The feeling in this car is fantastic'

An earthbound jet known as the Bloodhound became one of the world's 10 fastest cars this week, on target for its goal to set a new land speed record. "The feeling in this car is fantastic," driver Andy Green told The Associated Press on Friday, days after the Bloodhound hit 501 mph (806 kph) in South Africa's northern desert. Bloodhound's next goal is to reach 550 mph (885 kph), possibly in the coming week.

Acting UAW head to examine 'every inch' of union in scandal's wake

The current UAW president has become ensnared in a corruption probe

The acting head of the United Auto Workers (UAW) said on Wednesday that he will examine every department of the union in response to a spreading federal corruption probe that has damaged the union's standing during contract talks with Detroit's automakers. "We're going to be looking at every inch of this union to make sure we embrace tight controls," Rory Gamble told Reuters in an interview shortly after federal prosecutors issued new charges against a former top UAW official. Gamble said that

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