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Crossovers don't have to be boring just because they usually are

Evolution works in weird ways sometimes.

The e-Evolution concept will be unveiled in Tokyo next month.

Mitsubishi hints of a turnaround.

And don't forget Mitsubishi

And don't forget Mitsubishi.

That's $100,000 over its original MSRP.

That's $100,000 over its original MSRP.

If you've forgotten Mitsubishi, you're not alone.

The rare Diamond Star Motors Plymouth.

A hard-to-find first-year example of the Plymouth version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

It'll remake the 1917 Model A with West Coast Customs.

West Coast Customs will build a replica of Mitsubishi's first car using the Outlander PHEV platform.

Some advertised car deals are too good to be true. But these three deals are both good and true.

There was a time when you could buy a big Japanese wagon in America.

Here's a high-mileage 1995 Diamante wagon, spotted in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service wrecking yard.

Subaru, Mitsubishi and Hino doing recalls, too.

Toyota on Thursday said it was recalling a total of about 2.9 million vehicles globally in the latest campaign having to do with Takata airbag inflators. The affected cars are in Japan, China, Oceania and other regions, including its Corolla Axio sedan and RAV4 SUV crossover due to potentially faulty airbag inflators. Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, Mitsubishi Motors and truck maker Hino also recalled a total of about 240,000 vehicles in Japan over inflators made by Takata Cor

A new car is one of the most expensive purchases most Americans will make. Here's proof that you don't have to break the bank to get a nice, new vehicle.

We recap the recent crop of supercars and Mike advocates for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Standard all-wheel drive joins a 1.5-liter turbo engine.

Mitsubishi reveals the Eclipse Cross small crossover SUV at the Geneva auto show. The SUV comes with all-wheel drive and a turbo 1.5-liter engine.

This ain't your father's Mitsubishi. And for those focused more on 'economy' than 'Evo', that's probably a good thing

Standard all-wheel drive joins a 1.5-liter turbo engine.

It will only have one drivetrain in the US: a turbo 1.5-liter engine connected to a CVT and AWD.

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