MISC1975 International Harvester

MISC 1975 International Harvester

1975 International Pickup Project Vehicle - Click above for high-res image gallery Fifty miles. After 16 grueling hours of nonstop cursing, bleeding, sweating and huffing gas fumes from the open jerry can in the floorboard, I'm less than an hour from home, laying on the oil-soaked asphalt of a…

Junkyard Gem: 1974 International Harvester Scout II

When men were men and farm-equipment manufacturers built small trucks.

The IHC Scouts have mostly disappeared, unless you happen to look in Colorado.
Four classic American trucks on new stamps because America

These new Forever stamps will, uh, help haul the mail.
How to turn your hood into wall art

I hadn't had my '78 Scout Terra painted for more than a week when I found myself plodding along a crooked farm road in the dead of night amidst a howling thunderstorm. Rain threw itself at the flat-pane windshield in violent splashes, threatening to drown out the static cough of the one-speaker AM radio in the dash. Soft green light poured from the gauges as I flicked through the dial, curious to hear what the low clouds would drag across the airwaves from the farthest corners of the state. The

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