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Ford's new pro-green advertising - ever seen a polar bear fetus?

Ford is starting up two new advertising campaigns in different markets, but they share one thing in common - using less petroleum-based fuels. The campaigns are an American push for the new 2008 Mercury Mariner (above) that touts improved fuel economy and a wider promotion in Europe for Ford's flexifuel range that uses images of animal fetuses.

Presidential Edition Mariner Hybrid at the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative

Former President Bill Clinton may want America's children to slim down, but he's still in favor of big SUVs. Luckily, Clinton's currently favorite is the Mercury Mariner Hybrid "Presidential Edition", which is the "Official Hybrid Vehicle" of the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The CGI opens today and the Presidential Edition" is the first hybrid

Clinton receives first presidential hybrid

President Clinton will be the first U.S. president ever to use a hybrid outfitted for presidential service thanks to Ford, who will be presenting our 42nd president with a Mercury Mariner Hybrid "Presidential Edition" at the Clinton Global Initiative conference later this month in New York City. The Mariner Hybrid has been modified to include LED interior lighting, a 110-volt outlet and a writing table. Everything else on the vehicle, including the hybrid powertrain that delivers 32 mpg in the c

New England Aquarium to raffle off Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Like fish? How about hybrid vehicles? Now you can throw money at both by buying a $25 raffle ticket in support of the New England Aquarium. The Aquarium is selling 4,000 raffle tickets and will use the estimated $90,000 (if all tickets are sold) net proceeds to further the aquarium's mission of "presenting, protecting and promoting the world of water". You can buy a ticket online. As Sebastian Blanco

Prius sales fall 25% in April

Sales of Toyota’s popular Prius took a big dip last month, falling nearly 25 percent compared with the same month last year. Year to date sales for the Prius hybrid are also about 10.4 percent behind last year’s pace. Regardless of the slip, the Prius still sold more than any other hybrid in the month of April by a large margin. For exam

Ford hybrid sales up 75 percent from March to April

Earlier today I wrote a post about Toyota’s inability to satisfy consumer demand for their hybrid Prius cars. Looks like some of those potential buyers drifted over to Ford. Ford reported yesterday that sales of it’s hybrids were up 75 percent in April compared to March, All Headline News reports. Interest-free loans and fe

Blue Oval awards Mercury Mariner Hybrid to Cleveland Police

Ford Motor Company has awarded the Cleveland Police Department with keys to its very own Mariner Hybrid. The force won the car as a result of a campaign designed by Ford and implemented by 11 police forces around the country to help boost public awareness of green technology and fuel-efficiency.