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Second Mazda6 teaser shows even less

Since the first 21-second teaser was obviously too much for you, Mazda has lopped a whole second off the second video tease for the Mazda6. This one shows some seriously swaged sheetmetal leading up to and running through the A-pillar. And that's really about it.

First Mazda6 teaser is out

Don't blink, or you might just miss the first teaser for the next-generation Mazda6. Mazda has released a 21-second spot designed to give the world a glimpse of the company's new sedan. From the look of things, the Mazda6 will borrow heavily from the Takeri Concept Car we saw debut at the Zach Bowman

Video: Mazda dealer responds to allegations it bilked customer on meds

Canadian Mazda dealer responds to overpriced car sale – Click above to watch the video after the jump