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We're going to have to wait until pictures of the actual production XF drop, but in the meantime these renderings are likely not very shy of the mark. Motor Authority commisioned Schulte-Design to analyze the concept car, various spy shots of XF mules, and inside information from people familiar with the car, melding it all into a coherent stab at what we can expect on the street. The S-Type is so last millennium, so it will be nice to see its replacement wearing a modern design language.

The last actual spy shots of Jaguar's replacement for the S-Type sedan we brought you way back in October. At the time, mules of the car were wearing the body of the current S-Type with a modified front clip that was obscured from view by a thick cover. These are the first spy shots we've seen of the XF, which the new sedan will be called, that show the actual production body style of the car. Note the high beltline and coupe-like profile of the roof. The front end is clearly inspired if not lif

We all know that Ford doesn't break down the earnings (or losses) of its Premier Automotive Group, which includes Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Aston Martin. Nevertheless, the Detroit News has learned just how much of an anchor the Jaguar brand was on the group's bottom line last year. In 2006 the Jaguar brand lost $715 million. DTN also uncovered an internal memo to executives that projects the brand will lose $550 million in 2007 and another $300 million in 2008. Clearly a quick turnaround is

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The S-Type is dead. Long live the XF! Perhaps trying to make a break from a moniker that hasn't exactly been associated with good things for Jag, they have decided to switch things up and at the same time bring the midsize model inline with the current corporate nomenclature by using the new XF tag.

The snappers under the employ of Hans Lehmann were able to catch a few shots of the new Jaguar S-Type undergoing testing in the deserts of Cali. Not content to leave well enough alone, they took it upon themselves to render what this '08 S-Type may look like, sans camo.

Last month we told you how important the upcoming S-Type replacement was for the future of Jaguar, if not for Ford itself. Although Jaguar is still officially not for sale, the success or failure of the next generation S-Type could determine whether there will even continue to be a Ford Premier Auto Group. And so, because of the importance of this new midsize Jag, we feel it crucial to pass along any news on what this new car might look like. And thanks to Brenda Priddy, we have some new ideas.

Who knows how many of its nine lives Jaguar has left to spare, but the next generation S-Type could help the down and out member of Ford's Premier Auto Group land back on its feet. AutoExpress has published new renderings based on inside info (i.e. a guy who actually saw the car at a dealer sneak preview) that give us the best look yet at what the S-Type will look when the current car is replaced. Codenamed X250, the new S-Type is a bold sedan with a shape that eschews the retro look of the curr

Jaguar invited some of its dealers to the launch of the new XKR and surprised them with a private unveiling of the new S-Type sedan. Ford has been feeding rumors that the new S-Type's styling will be a major breakthrough for the brand, and reaction to the sneak peek at Jaguar's four-door feline seem to support that. The retro look has reportedly been ditched in favor of "heavy flanks", a four-door coupe profile and a "wide and deep grille flanked by prominent headlights". The car did suffer a se

Jaguar must “find a way to fund its own future or face the consequences."