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VIDEO: Korean Spirra supercar runs with the big dogs

Oullim Motors Spirra - click above image to watch the video

Hyundai: Production Veloster to be positioned as Eco-Sport car

2007 Hyundai Veloster concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Multiple Hyundai recalls for brake lamps and rust issues affect nearly 1M units

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Hyundai have initiated recalls on 963,305 vehicles as part of four separate campaigns. The first recall, blanketing over one half million late-model vehicles, is nationwide. The other three recalls, all corrosion-related on older vehicles, are limited to the regions of the country where salt is used to de-ice roads in the winters.

Coupe Scoop (Scoupe?) - Hyundai's Veloster concept headed for production... and America!

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2007 Hyundai Veloster concept

Surprise! Hyundai to phase out Tiburon

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 Hyundai Tiburon.

UK feeling special, gets Hyundai Coupe TSIII

Click image for a gallery of the Hyundai Coupe TSIII

Hyundai's new RWD coupe to get V6 power

Those rumors of a V8-powered, RWD coupe from Hyundai? Almost true. Winding Road talked with Hyundai Vice President John Krafcik who confirmed the RWD coupe part, but didn't stutter when he said "No V8." Winding Road's Reilly Brennan pressed Krafcik on the engine's setup, but the VP wouldn't give a straight answer on whether the coupe will be naturally aspirated or come with s

Could the Hyundai Genesis lead to a rear-wheel drive Tiburon?

click above image to view 15 high-res pics of the Hyundai Genesis concept

Losing your Accent: Hyundai's production woes

Everyone experiences growing pains at some point in their life. Some are more debilitating than others. As it enter its 21st year in the US, Hyundai is feeling a few of its own. In a market dominated by overproduction and a seemingly insurmountable glut of models, Hyundai has a good problem to resolve... maybe. A labor strike in Korea coupled with strong worldwide demand means U.S. dealers can't get enough of the popular Korean-built cars like the three-door Accent -- an issue that may also exte

New Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon) debuts in China

Spy shots of an updated 2008 Tiburon surfaced a couple of weeks ago, but the heavy covering obscured the visual tweaks Hyundai is planning for its front-wheel drive coupe. Today, however, Hyundai unveiled an updated version of the Coupe, known as the Tiburon in the U.S., at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China. Not much information is available, but we can see the modified front end sports new headlamps, a wide lower

Spy Shots: 2008 Hyundai Tiburon

With Hyundai's recent string of successful redesigns, we're patiently awaiting to learn what the next incarnation of its Tiburon coupe will be like when it debuts in 2008... make that 2009... actually, make that never, as Motor Trend is reporting the Tiburon will be phased out then to make room for a new rear-wheel drive "poor man's BMW" sport sedan arriving in 2008. The sport sedan will spawn a coupe and convertible in 2009 that will replace the current Tiburon that's been on the market since 2