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Honda R&D President says automaker "lacks confidence" in viability of EVs

Honda EV-N Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Upscale small cars face hard times against hybrid rivals

2010 Volkswagen Golf – Click above for high-res image gallery

Aussie car round-up ranks economy and practicality

Australian motoring site CARSguide has done a round-up of affordable, practical and economical vehicle options on the local market. Looking at sub-$40,000 transport, their complete list of criteria in weighing up the models was:

Hybrid CR-V cancelled, Fit Hybrid will not get Insight engine

Inside Line seems confident it has the real scoop on Honda's upcoming hybrids, or lack thereof in some cases. For one, IL claims Honda insiders have confirmed that there will not be a hybrid version of the next CR-V. A $7,000 premium for a hybrid version is cited as the reason for not producing one, though that sounds a bit high to us.

2008 Honda Fit Hybrid to get Insight engine

Guess what happens to fit perfectly between the front wheels of a Honda Fit... the Honda Insight's hybrid powertrain. The distance between the front wheel hubs of both vehicles is identical, and a Honda insider confirmed to Bradley Berman of that the Fit will arrive in 2007 with the Insight's hybrid drivetrain and the ability to achieve fuel economy in the low to mid-50 mpg range.

Honda Modula ti Bick

In my nightly web wandering I ran across this on Response, a Japanese language automotive news website. It appears to be a sporty hybrid concept by Honda called the ti Bick, which could itself be a horrible mistranslation by Google. It would appear this car actually debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon as a Modulo Conce