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GM seeks U.S. government approval to test truly driverless car.

GM plans to introduce it to fleets in 2019.


Now we can see it from the back AND the front

The front of the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept was revealed in a new image published by Infiniti in a sales press release. It's a slinky four-door sedan.


This on top of the Barrett-Jackson auction Jan. 19.

This on top of the likely Barrett-Jackson auction Jan. 19.


Car will debut at the Detroit Auto Show

This version does not appear to be a hatchback.


It’s called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX, and it’ll go into new 2018 A-Class cars.

It's called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX, and it'll go into new 2018 A-Class cars.


Check out those Union Jack taillights

They may be taking this British thing too far.


The three best-selling vehicles of December were all fullsize pickup trucks. After that come lots of crossovers and a few sedans.


Yaris iA outsold CX-3 by a factor of two.

Maybe Mazda should reconsider offering the Mazda2 in the U.S.


It has "motion graphic" lighting

It has a number of visual changes, but it's still recognizably a Niro.


Behold the power of this fully operational crossover company

All those driving dogs must've gone on a shopping spree last year.


It responds 50 times faster than conventional systems, company says

Here's how the BMW i3s's stability control takes full advantage of its instantaneous torque, and why it'll make its way into ICE BMWs and Minis.


The shape seems perfect for a hatchback

Now we know what that designer meant about a "long cabin."


They spent five weeks stocking up for winter

He doesn't blame them.

First Drive

Low-key PHEV is another veiled threat to Prius loyalists.

It's a low-key PHEV.

Spy Shots

It's also shaping up to look much like the concept

The trend of high-end hatches continues.


It'll be accompanied by 14 other models.

Three modified Nissan Note e-Power concepts also take the stage.