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How the Ford EcoSport's rear shelf weighs just 6 pounds but can support 700

The secret is a recycled-paper honeycomb design.

It's strong, eco-friendly, and keeps delicate eggs safe. What's not to like?

Ford EcoSport Spied | Autoblog Minute

Ford EcoSport has been spied around Michigan.

Ford Australia pulls the ol' talking car prank

Siri from Apple has proven that being able to talk to your technology doesn't always work perfectly. But what if it could eventually go far enough to give a personality to inanimate objects like our cars? Ford took just this path to comedic effect by playing a prank on many unsuspecting Australians, in a new commercial for its EcoSport compact c

J Mays talks about Ford's new EcoSport concept

We're not all that hopeful that the next generation Ford EcoSport will make its way to North America, but global markets ranging from Brazil to India should soon get their hands on a production version of this comely B-segment crossover.