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Dodge lets us drive 100-years' worth of history [w/videos]

We Head To The Historic Dodge Estate To Test Drive The Company Museum

A raft of important production models from the last hundred years were available for me to either drive or ride in.

Want: house made of recycled car parts, mostly Dodge Caravans

Automakers are be quick to tell us that their new vehicles are upwards of 90 percent recyclable, but they don't mean it like this. What we have here is a house that was crafted using parts scrounged from local junk yards, turning what used to be a pile of trash into a beautiful, high-end, eco-conscious home.

Video: SPEED pits minivan versus pickup in jet engine warfare

Jet-powered Dodge Caravan – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video: How to turn a caravan into a fixed abode

How not to get your camper unstuck – Click above watch the video after the break