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No more split headlights

A handsome if unexciting redesign.

Nothing but tire noise.

Quick steering, a low center of gravity and instant torque are great on a cone course.

It's 99.9 percent revealed

It retains many of the concept's design cues.

A face just like the A8

It's familiar and familial.

... but hold off on that order. A final decision is still 2.5 years away

We're guessing it will happen.

Digging into the downsizing in so many automakers' engine bays.

Right now, there are more than 50 models on sale in the United States that use it, and more are on the horizon.

We hope car companies keep making them as long as possible

We'd be happy if Jaguar would make the supercharger a tad louder though.

It's somewhere between van and crossover

It's trying hard to look tough.

It goes beyond just a fold-out counter and sink

There's a toaster in the center console.

Rakish look and three electric motors.

It's electric, but it's still all-wheel-drive.

It looks like the Jeep Yuntu concept from Shanghai.

Expect it to wear the Grand Wagoneer name. We also want a wood-panel option.

What's the best car for $15,000? We chose a handful of desirable sedans, hatchbacks and even an SUV to give you a good place to start your search.

A hardcore softroader.

An early look at Hyundai's SEMA crossover.

1 / 245
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