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Better than the V6

Every automaker is going great lengths to improve fuel economy, particularly in trucks. Ram has gone with ultra-mild hybrid technology, and Ford has gone with turbocharged V6 engines, a new diesel, and a 10-speed transmission. Until now, it appeared Chevy and GMC were going to focus on improving naturally aspirated V8s and adding a diesel. But it turns out Chevy had one other engine up its sleeve: a turbocharged four-cylinder.


General Motors, like Ford, is reducing investments in sedans

General Motors on Thursday reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit despite a drop in production of high-margin pickup trucks, as it gears up for new models that are expected to boost profits next year.

Spy Shots

Sportiest Silverado shows its face, but what's offered underneath?

Though Chevrolet revealed the 2019 Silverado at this year's Detroit Auto Show, there are still quite a few things left unanswered about the new truck. Among them is the RST trim level, which we get to see for the first time in the spy photos above.


Full debut promised for 2019

Another piece of the fullsize Chevy truck puzzle is slowly being revealed. The Bowtie brand plans to officially unveil the 2020 Chevy Silverado HD sometime next year, and though that's all very vague, pickup fans do at least have one teaser to obsess over. Chevy hints at "bolder, larger proportions" for the 2020 Silverado HD, and from the looks of the teaser, that may be an understatement.


Chevrolet returns to the really big truck game

These trucks boast some interesting new features.


It uses a heavily modified 6.8-liter V8.

It packs all the requisite Yenko visual touches.

Spy Shots

The HD trucks follow on the heels of the new Silverado 1500 debut.

These big boys don't mind the cold.


Spec-sheet comparison battles galore!

Comparing the newest fullsize and midsize pickup trucks, compact sedans, and a pair of Mustang coupes.


It will have the only American-made light-duty diesel in a full-size truck

It gets the 10-speed automatic.


How the Detroit Auto Show reveals' engines, weight, features and cargo compare to best-selling F-150

With more information available, we take a deeper look at how they compare.


Like a rock. A big, steel rock. With some aluminum. And a diesel engine.

Now with added aluminum.


Then he rents a backhoe and gets that stuck, too.

Illegal off-roading isn't good, kids.


What you missed from Chevy's surprise reveal.

The Bow Tie unwraps the Silverado early.


Surprise unveiling at an event celebrating 100 years of Chevy Trucks.


Wait, Australia wasn't already getting the Camaro?

Consider it a consolation for the death of the rear-drive Commodore.


The lightweight material will be used in beds.

It's all about saving weight.