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But an overeager new owner happened.

Parking is one tense front in cities' war on cars.

Parking is one tense front in cities' war on cars.


Oxford has competition from the Netherlands and Germany.

The car industry in England is concerned about the effect any loss of unfettered access to the EU, its largest export market, could have on plants after Brexit.


Plug-in cab takes a few quiet laps at the fest

London Taxi Co. shows off a prototype of an electric TX5 with a range extender at UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

First step: a "zero emission zone" in central London by 2025,


Uniting to honor a divisive figure.

Turns out her idea wasn't just a lot of hot air.


French automaker Renault and UK's Powervault next month will start testing old Renault electric-vehicle batteries for stationary-storage usage.

Women's titles are on their licenses - men's are not

We noticed this trending topic out of Great Britain - or straight out of the 1920s, depending on your point of view. Stories such as the Guardian's "Driving Miss Crazy" (bravo, headline writer), point out a curiosity: On driver's licenses issued by Britain's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), women's licenses automatically include courtesy titles - that is, "Miss," "Mrs." or "Ms." The blokes? Theirs do not say "Mr." The licenses of men or women may show honorifics such as "Dr." or "Re


Volkswagen denies the allegations.

Reported problems range from EGR trouble to DPF failure.


The legend keeps surfacing, unlike the body.

Plans to construct affordable housing on the Dunsfold Aerodrome site were greenlit in December.

Watch: Spectacular crash demolishes car.

Driving drunk on her way to a wake? She's lucky the next wake wasn't for her and her son.


The car has 80 miles on the odometer.

Perhaps the owner didn't like the local M-B dealer.


The new St. Athan factory will be online by 2019.

The site was formally handed over today.


By 2020, entire city could be in Ultra Low Emission Zone.

"The air in London is lethal and I will not stand by and do nothing."