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Harley-Davidson will build outside of U.S. to avoid tariffs

Harley-Davidson will build outside of U.S. to avoid tariffs.


It's too much cost to pass off onto dealers and customers

It's too much cost to pass off onto dealers and customers.

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Yes, H-D used to make bicycles. Yes, you can have one.

Yes, H-D used to make bicycles. Yes, you can have one.

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Prototype jacket features turn indicators and brake lights

Ford's smart jacket aims to solve a number of safety issues related to commuting on a bicycle.

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You can again buy one of these classic bikes

Originally shown at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, the redesigned Honda Monkey and Super Cub will come to the U.S. as 2019 production models.


John Surtees remains the only champion on two wheels and four

John Surtees remains the only champion on two wheels and four.


Proposed system uses a car's existing driver-assist sensors

Proposed system uses a car's existing driver-assist sensors.


Designed by Bosch as a way to prevent bike slides

The future will be cool, because it has motorcycles with jet thrusters. No, not flying motorcycles, they're still very much ground vehicles. But they're still really cool, because they could save you some nasty injuries and expensive repairs.


Two electric motors drive the bike via a common shaft

When Confederate Motorcycles changed its name to Curtiss — in honor of Glen Curtiss, the inventor of the V-twin engine — the company pledged to make only electric motorcycles. Curtiss did manage to sneak out 35 examples of the V-twin Warhawk last year, based on the Confederate P-51, but that really was the last of the ICE line. Curtiss has now opened the electric account with its Zeus prototype motorcycle, a battery-powered two-wheeler that aims "to future-proof the all-American hot


ReVolt will use the Chinese replica of the BMW R71 sidecar bike

Lithium battery technology company Alternet Systems announced Tuesday the formation of a new company that will build an electric motorcycle based on the classic 1938 BMW R71 motorcycle with sidecar used by German troops during World War II and by Steve McQueen to outrun them in the 1963 film "The Great Escape."


Video shows a motorcyclist rammed off the road in Sarasota, Fla.

Police in Florida say they've arrested a Sarasota man in connection with a violent road rage incident, captured in a viral video, that injured a motorcyclist.


Quick reflexes help rider survive this close shave

Quick reflexes and a bit of luck can make a big difference in an accident, especially when you're a motorcyclist caught between a car and an SUV. This hair-raising helmet-cam video is evidence of that. YouTube user Malik Elizee walked away from a close call when a Chevy Camaro T-boned a Toyota RAV4 directly in his path.

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Square your turns, folks — and pay attention!

We've all seen examples of drivers who don't square their turns, instead making left turns that are too tight and cut well into the oncoming driving lanes, making you glad there's nobody approaching to make their own left turns.

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Featuring the slogan “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” in 24K gold

Just 177 examples, each individually numbered, will be produced globally.


It will be expensive.

(To the tune of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby) A Z50 Monkey Bought new by Lennon, got dirty and then put away How much would you pay?

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New sportbike combines race-bred performance, technology and mind-blowing bang for the buck.

It's hard to understate how controversial the move to a V4 is for Ducati — or how sweet the powerplant is.


The LiveWire concept was no dead end.

If it's anything like the LiveWire, it'll be good.


It's a sportbike. It's a cruiser. And we wish it would happen.

Kawasaki resurrects its futuristic three-wheeled, transforming, electric Concept J motorcycle in promo video.


It offers a range of up to 93 miles.

This baby's got the looks and the range.


Custom bike builder Greg Hageman adds a retro XS700 to Yamaha's Yard Built Garage.

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