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Plug wars: the battle for EV charging supremacy

Tesla, Japanese and Germans use different protocols and are fighting for advantage

They're all fighting for a competitive advantage.

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Tesla stock revs up as Model 3 deliveries to start in July

Elon Musk says production will grow exponentially.

Nissan teases an image of 2018 Leaf's self-driving technology

We've known since the Consumer Electronics Show back in January that the 2018 Leaf will get semi-autonomous technology. Now Nissan has provided a look - a glimpse, anyway - at the Leaf ProPilot Assist system. In the image released by Nissan, above, we see the driver's display - and a button on the steering wheel labeled "Pilot." Push that and voila, or presumably voila, the displays at left are ac

Road trip: A Chevy Bolt's journey to the far reaches of its range

Or, a road trip to Indiana tests the Bolt's real-world travel chops.

It's non-trivial.

Michigan moving extra slow on Tesla's dealership application

Email trail shows years of delay by the state.

As Tesla continues its quest to sell its vehicles in Michigan, the state is taking its sweet, sweet time responding and asking for more information.

There's now a Tesla Model S registered in all 50 states

Yes, you too can impress friends at cocktail parties by knowing that the last state to go without a registered Tesla Model S battery-electric sedan was indeed Mississippi. And the second-to-last one was West Virginia. That's what Edmunds is saying, citing data from Polk.

Shell chooses oil over whales, threatening Western Pacific Gray

"Pesky whales. They just have to have their feeding grounds right where we want to put another oil platform. Well, too bad for them."

Consumer Reports: Low-rolling resistance tires fail to meet buyers' expectations

Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of car tire buyers and discovered that a remarkable 95 percent of consumers were satisfied with their shopping experience. CR also found, though, that less than half of tire buyers researched before purchasing. When "so much is riding on your tires" you'd think that a few minutes devoted to investigating the proper running gear would be time well spent but, according to the Consumer Reports' Eric Loveday

Story of a Decade: compact cars gain weight, become more fuel efficient

Over the last decade, compact cars have ballooned in size. How much? On average, compact cars sold in the U.S. are 549 pounds heavier and sit on a wheelbase that's 6.4 inches longer than those sold here ten years ago, according to analysis by Edmunds.com. With that added weight comes the need for more power and today's compacts pack an average of 64 more tire-spinning horses than those built a decade ago. Edmunds' AutoObserver senior editor, Bill Visnic, explained the reasons for the inflated co

Judge rules Renault can use Zoe name

Renault Zoe concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Balqon XE20 electric yard tractor invades Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant

Balqon's baddest bruiser, the battery-powered XE20 yard tractor, tops out at a cool 25 miles per hour, pulls a stunning 30 tons and rumbles down the road for 50 (loaded) to 94 (unloaded) miles courtesy of its 140 kWh lithium-ion battery pack . This brute is powered by a liquid-cooled 240 kW AC induction motor and is said to provide class-leading low-end torque that makes it a perfect fit for off-high

Getrag to supply electric drive unit for Volvo's battery-powered C30

During the Paris Motor Show, Volvo confirmed that the C30 battery electric concept was bound for production. The automaker's first wave of electric C30s

One city in China aims to have 35,000 electric vehicles on the road in 3 years

It seems that not a day goes by when some city in China, or even the country as a whole, doesn't boast about its grand electric vehicle (EV) plans and last Friday was no exception. That's when Shenzhen vice-mayor, Tang Jie, speaking at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop, revealed the city's battery-powered dreams. Jie spoke of Shenzhen entering a "mature" development period and said that the city, after 30 years of rapid growth, is now ready for a low-carbo

Honda to unveil "small-sized vehicle" prototype at Thailand Motor Expo

Honda New Small Vehicle Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chevy Volt's oil change interval maxes out at two years

2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

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