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Plus, Alfa Romeo and Maserati won't be spun off under Marchionne's watch.


"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground

"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground.


DETROIT — Tropical Storm Harvey is likely to briefly depress already-slowing U.S. auto sales, but will eventually boost demand as damaged cars are replaced, analysts said on Tuesday. The catastrophic flooding in Houston, the fourth-largest U.S. city, could mean 2 percent fewer vehicles will be sold in August than previously expected, according to Edmunds.com. ​"In subsequent months we'll likely see a slight localized bump in sales as the recovery takes hold and people are able to buy repl


If FCA were willing to sell Jeep as a standalone brand, a lot more suitors would appear, including GM and Ford.


But Geely says it could be a good move for other brands.

Look for a finished product on the road by 2021.


There's a national security facet to consider, and an administration taking a tough-on-China stance.

A sale to China might be in FCA's best interest, but it might not be in the United States' best interest.


A Sino-U.S.-European merger would create the first truly global auto group.


A list of the cars we don't want imported to the United States.


It's a mind-blowing reminder of just how small Fiats used to be, and just how massive American wagons once were.


FCA to electrify half of its vehicles by 2022.

It's a significant change for Maserati, and for FCA as a whole.

Quick Spin

It's loud and offbeat, and more importantly, it's still a ton of fun.


Same trend: Sedan sales were down, SUV and pickup sales were up.

Ford's fleet sales rose 8.4 percent, representing more than 34 percent of total sales.


It's graduation time! We've compiled a list of the best new vehicles the parents of a recent college grad should consider for their newly grownup child.