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Apple is developing automotive software in Canada with former BlackBerry employees

A car didn’t work out, so Apple’s heading North to build its own system.

Apple's grabbing software engineers in the North from QNX.

Q&A with EVEN Electric: Will online sales revolutionize EVs?

We sit down with Gisli Gislason, Mike Elwood, and John Gordon.

These three guys sure think so.

Woman recorded by motorcyclist texting while driving turns herself in because Canadians

A Newfoundland driver surrendered herself to Ottawa authorities and is facing numerous charges after being caught texting and driving in a viral video.

Mountain goats provide full service car wash at national park

A group of plucky mountain goats in a Canadian national park apparently found the hardscrabble life of a common animal too tedious and opened up a car detailing business.

Nissan Leaf group buy in Montreal grows to 2,800 people

Local mass discount may bring Leaf price down to about $12,000.

Who wouldn't want to get in on this?

Viral video helps catch unlicensed teen hit-and-run driver

A viral video showing a clueless driver demolishing a Porsche SUV in an attempt to park in a garage helped police track down a hit-and-run driver

2016 Canadian Grand Prix: A tale of 3 starts and 2 stops

Autoblog recaps the 2016 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton won, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas.

Overheated dog rescued from BMW by concerned bystander

A Grand Bend, ON man used a large rock to smash the window of a BMW to rescue a small dog sweltering to death within.

GM boosts self-driving technology focus in Canada

Meanwhile, US considers new governmental entity for autonomous cars.

General Motors gears up for autonomous-driving development in Canada, while US regulators prepare more laws on self-driving cars.

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Huge Canadian sinkhole destroys four-lane road, swallows car

A major thoroughfare in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa was closed after a huge sinkhole opened beneath it.

Electra Meccanica Solo EV will go 125 miles on a charge, seats one

Three-wheeled car will have 82 hp and will be a foot shorter than a Smart Fortwo.

Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica readies its three-wheeled Solo EV, which will cost about $15,000.

Mounties use huge camera rig to bust texting drivers

Distracted driving is a scourge on the nation's highways and byways, and texting while driving is one of the biggest problems.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee recalled for wiring harness

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalls 32,267 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee models in the US over a wiring harness terminal that can lose its electrical connection.

Tesla Model S is Canada's best-selling plug-in for Q1

Tesla sales do a 'hockey stick' in the Great White North

Tesla Model S sales in Canada jump in March, and leapfrog Chevrolet Volt's for the first-quarter lead.

​Canadian Mounties form massive convoy of fire-fleeing cars

It’s a blood-crazed gang of guzzoline seekers away from a Mad Max plot.

This fresh Lambo Diablo SV could be yours for $500k

This 1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV is for sale for $499,900 with just a single mile on the odometer and major childhood-fantasy appeal.

Quebec contemplates home EV charging station mandate

The Quebec government announced on Friday that it is currently considering a new mandate that would require new homes built within the province be outfitted with a 240V charging station for electric vehicles.

84-year-old Canadian fed up with potholes fixes road himself

Preston Perry, 84, of Upper Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia, couldn't stand the potholes on his street anymore, so he hopped on his tractor and started fixing them himself.

Canada ditches government limos for EVs, expands infrastructure

Canada's budget seeks to clean up transportation.

Canada's 2016 budget plan sets aside cash for EV charging and public transit.

Woman throws coffee at man over handicapped parking spot

A Toronto area busybody started a decidedly un-Canadian altercation over a handicapped parking spot and now regrets his decision to film it.

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