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A study launched by VW and Shell looks to biofuels as a better way to achieve climate goals. Others see it as an attempt to block fuel-economy targets.


ZEV study findings to be presented on April 20; Honda CR-V PHEV?

Will Honda make a plug-in CR-V? CARB studies customer attitudes toward ZEVs. Biodiesel makes Minnesota's air cleaner. Volvo XC90 wins Canadian Green Car of the Year Award.


Paris reclaims pavement for pedestrians, The Cloud Collective farms algae near the freeway.

Creating green space for pedestrians or growing algae for energy are two practical solutions for when there's too much roadway.


Genetically modified sugarcane yields more biodiesel.

We need to put riders in empty seats. GMO sugar makes more biodiesel with less land. Luxury cruising in the Arctic is now a thing.


Still, there are worse things for the environment.

A new study compares the water usage of various fuels, and shows room for improvement for alternative fuels.


Biodiesel scammer gets 10 years in prison; BMW launches On-Street Parking Information.

Tesla quietly switches its standard Model S wheels. Biodiesel scammer sentenced to over 10 years in prison. BMW launches On-Street Parking Information and Smart Transport Robots.


Kaidi To Build $1.1 Billion Biorefinery In Finland

Volkswagen recalls the Touareg Hybrid for fire risk. China's Kaidi to produce 200,000 tons of biofuel a year in Finland. Germany considers doping-style tests for emissions.


1 Million Miles In The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

With cheap prices and tax credits, some refiners use biodiesel for free. Infiniti is considering PHEVs and hybrids over BEVs. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell drivers accumulate 1 million miles.


Hybrid Cars explores the Chevy Bolt's battery cooling system and gearbox. Tesla plans major European expansion for its Supercharger network. National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe discusses renewable fuel in an interview.


Part Of Navy Plan To Use 50 Percent Alternative Fuels By 2020

The ships of Carrier Strike Group 3 will be the first members of the USN's Great Green Fleet, relying on nuclear power and biofuels on its upcoming deployment.


Biodiesel Fraudster Gets 20 Years In Prison

Tesla's Autopilot update gets tested on video. Tesla might build a Gigafactory in south Africa Joseph Furando is sentenced to 20 years for biodiesel tax fraud.


National Biodiesel Board Hires Sandra Franco; Nissan Leaf To Use Microsoft Azure

Cruz wants a free, fair energy marketplace. Hybrid Cars corrects Bloomberg's EV sales numbers; National Biodiesel Board hires general counsel. Nissan partners with Microsoft for telematics.


Biodiesel Prices Are Up

Tesla Superchargers saw increased congestion over the holidays. Biodiesel prices are up, thanks to Washington. America's Renewable Future follows Ted Cruz's campaign through Iowa.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Wins Scotman's Plug-In Vehicle Of The Year

Electrified vehicles could reach 6 million sales in 2024. Indonesia expects to see a huge increase in biodiesel consumption. The Scotsman loves the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

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The $15-million collection of confiscated art from a biodiesel fraudster will soon hit the auction block at Christie's. A fascinating read tells the story and shows some of these works.

The EPA is boosting the amount renewable fuels in the US gasoline supply despite opposition by an unusual alliance.


Ford Switches Asia Pacific Facilities To LED Lighting

Telsarati likens the Talking Tesla podcast to Car Talk. Last lobbying takes place before the RFS decision. Ford invests $5 million in LED lighting in Asia.


EEVC In Brussels In December; Fuels America Takes On Congressman Over RFS

Telsa wins yet another award. Brussels will host the 2015 EEVC. Brazil pushes biodiesel bill forward. Fuels America airs ad calling out Congressman Peter Welch on the RFS.


Santorum Tours Iowa Biodiesel Plant

Rick Santorum hears biodiesel producer's thoughts on the RFS. Oregon State University develops a potassium-ion battery; can Tesla's Model X really protect against bioweapons?


New Process Yields More Biodiesel

A new catalytic process yields up to 10 percent more biodiesel. A fraud case against A123 Systems executives has been dismissed. NextEV secures funding toward building a Tesla-fighting electric supercar.