MINI Cooper Countryman - Mini - noise issues

My Mini rear bumper was repaired after car accident. Car looked fine after repair but come back with rear noise when turning or reversing at low speed. I took it back and garage, they tried different tests with no resolution but when they disconnected All4 drive the noise disappeared which may be due to issues with rear diff. Insurance say they dealt with fixing bumper but won't pay for any other repairs as they reckon impact cannot have coursed diff or other mechanical issues. I have now to take my car back with no resolution. Car was fine before the accident. Do you think it could be the rear diff? Or something else that went wrong during the accident? Has the insurance been unfair? Thanks

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1 answer

  • Certainly could be the rear differential, or other parts of the drivetrain. Upon impact, if your brakes were clamped down tight, then at least some extra force may transfer between from the impact into the driveline by the fact that the wheels were trying to spin. It's most likely some part o the frame or suspension which got bent and is causing some moving parts to rub or bind. I'd take it to a different garage and see if they can figure it out. If they can link it to the accident, then go back to the insurance company with the new facts to see if they may change their mind.

    You may have to get a lawyer involved. The simple solution would be to sell the car and start fresh with a similar mini of the same vintage.

    • Thanks, your assessment makes sense. I was at a traffic light and my breaks were clamped down (my mini is automatic and I was on Drive). The garage and my insurance are saying that the impact force was not big enough (based on the damage on the rear bumper) to have caused damage to the differential or other connected parts. They also say that other connected parts would be damaged as well apart from the diff but they cannot see anything wrong. I said that it's impossible to assess the force distribution during the impact but they don't buy it.

      Stef   Jun 07th 2017

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