Hyundai Accent - How can I measure temperature in hyundai accent 2010, i have no temp gauge

how to measure temperature in hyundai accent 2010?

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1 answer

  • Ayman, this is a very common question nowadays.

    More and more, auto manufacturers are ditching the traditional temperature gauges in favor of simpler dashboards. This is a pretty contentious point among drivers.

    However, your 2010 Accent does have a way to monitor temperature to some degree (no pun intended). There is a light in your dashboard that looks like a key with water underneath (I jokingly like to refer to this as "The Key is in the River").

    This light should warn you when your engine coolant temperature is unsafe.

    I couldn't find the manual for the 2010 Accent, but see page 67 of the 2011 manual here:

    Your 2010 should have the same dash if I'm not mistaken.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't give you a precise temperature reading -- you will need to install an after-market temperature gauge if you need better. While it's not a totally trivial process, the gauges and labor are relatively cheap (starts around $12 on Amazon:

    You could absolutely tackle this project yourself if you're handy with a few tools and eBay has a great guide to get you started here:

    Hope this helps! Please don't forget to mark this answer as correct if it does. Thanks!

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