Found this under my car. What is it?

Found this under my car in the driveway. Should I be concerned? Looks like it might be important.


something.jpg Click to see full-size
something.jpg Click to see full-size
  • It looks like some sort of push-button or knob of some sort. Can you interact with the top piece at all? And what kind of car did you find it under? Does it appear to be from your car? Things should definitely not be falling from your car... so I would be a little bit concerned!

    Gravity   Aug 25th 2016
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    Gravity   Sep 01th 2016
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3 answers

  • Based on the picture, my best guess is that it is an oxygen sensor.

  • It's an O2 sensor. Did you get a check engine light, or is your exhaust louder now? Also, what make/model etc. is your car?

  • That looks like an O2 sensor as has been answered already. Is your check engine light on? it should be if that fell out, and I am shocked it fell out like that if so. if somehow the plug came unscrewed the wiring harness should have held it on. there is usually one on each bank of cylinders on a V6 and one on the exhaust pipe after the catalytic converter. if you have a front drive engine that means one is easy to replace, the other will be behind you engine and you you'll shave half your knuckles off swapping it out, it's worth it. Save $$$ doing that yourself. Youtube and google is your friend to find out how to change. if its under your car make sure you have lifted it safely and securing before crawling under, with jack stands other approved means.

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