Ford Windstar - Bumper repair/replacement

Ok. I backed into my neighbor's '02 Windstar (VIN 2FMZA52412BA84652) and cracked her rear bumper. Looking to make this right. No insurance. We're both single parents and broke. So, I asked a friend of my cousin who is handy and he said he could attach a bumper. But need a bumper that's blue or blue paint to match or to teach me or cousins friend how to use his plastic welder. I told my neighbor that potentially could have cousins friend help replace bumper, but i would have to find a bumper, etc. Or i could just give her 100$ and that would settle it. Then she said she would want to talk to cousins friend, get estimate, etc. Told her I would have to buy the bumper and we're not an official business to get an estimate from. So, doesnt sound like she wants the money, but wants it repaired. No sure why though because her car is rusty with other dents on it. A new bumper is not going to increase the value of her car. Any leads on cheap bumpers, teachers of plastic welding, low cost auto paint sources?

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1 answer

  • Best bet would be to buy a used one. You can specify the color when sourcing. If none available in the right color, wait until one becomes available. Inspect to make sure the "new" bumper is in decent shape. Then have your friend install it for whatever price they'll charge you. The bumper will likely have some scratches, etc. but if it's equal to the bumper before you backed into it, how can she complain? Good luck.

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