Lexus CT 200h - Recall or butchering - Need Help !!!

After having this great little hatch for my wife for two years it was time for its first paid service at 30,000km. The service was completed about a month ago and all seemed well. At this time the Lexus Dealer carried out a logged recall to do with the fuel system. It was only yesterday that I thought I would give the car a total detail including full clay, 4 coats of polymer etc and it came up a treat. It was then that I thought I would lift the bonnet just to get the stray leaves out from under the bonnet and give it a dust.

It was then that I noticed something way out of the ordinary and as you can see by the pics there are 3 "man made" holes in various locations including the air box. Now I am no mechanic and it looks as though the 3 butchered holes were done using a course file or similar and there was no explanation given to me that this has occurred.

Also there is no signs that anything under the bonnet attributed to the 3 holes nor do we have mice, rats or plastic eating kids nor has anyone else had/used our car ....... other than us and the dealer.

So can anyone enlighten me before I go back to the dealer??

Lexus Pic a.jpg Click to see full-size
Lexus Pic b.jpg Click to see full-size
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1 answer

  • If I had to guess, I'd say these were made by a mechanic who doesn't know how to operate power tools properly. If you look closely, you can see where things are ground down, there are directional lines. These lines seem to be slightly circular in nature, which would perhaps indicate that a tool, that spins, such as an air wrench or something similar, may have been rested on these plastic items while loosening and/or tightening something near them. I'd take it back to the dealer and have them take a look.

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