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5.0 out of 5

I love my 2017 LC

2018-06-02 14:27:06

It does what it does and does it well and with out fear, all the time, every time. I came from a Tahoe and the build quality on the LC is head and shoulders above. I knew about the fuel inefficiency and I knew about the high price to enter the ring. Not deterred. I wanted some that doesn't depreciate like a rock, but is rock solid and not a compromise when the weather or road turns against me. I find it easier to drive than my Tahoe - highways, urban streets, reversing into parking spaces or towing a camper. The cameras, mirrors and seating position offer commanding and confidence inspiring views. I feel it has a classy and well thought out interior. I love the presence of actual tactile knobs and switches for some functions. I can adjust the volume and station on the steering wheel or dial on the console with out taking my attention from the road. The radar cruise control is excellent and well worth it. This vehicle can chew up the road miles with ease. Very happy with this purchase and I look forward to many dependable and trouble free miles. It is estimated Toyota sells only 3000+ of these in the US per year but almost 75,000+ globally. It is nice to not see yourself coming and going. In fact, you are more likely to see older versions around and about because LC owners have some of the longest terms of ownership among all models. It is not unusual to talk to fellow LC owners as they cross 250,000 miles on the odo. Good on you, Toyota.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

Phenomenal truck.

2016-10-06 12:11:07

I purchased this new in 2000 and after 16 years it still runs like new. Not a squeal or rattle in the truck, just routine maintenance for 16 years. I'll probably get another 16 years out of this incredible Land Cruiser.

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

Landcruiser worth waiting for!

2009-01-22 18:24:55

Well I have been a Landcruiser fan for many years...I have seen many style changes and the best year ever is the 2004 model. This years model is virtually flawless other than the tires that were supplied with OEM equiptment. Tires supplied as many owners will say that they wear too easily and are very soft for a SUV. Once you change the tires life is a blast. I have taken my Landcruiser on trails, hunting, in snow, in ice, and completely submerged it up to the doors and Folsom Lake in Northern CA and it held up like a champ! If you can find one in Black this will be your best bet! Limited availability with the Black production as the government acquired majority of 2004 production in this color.

2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

Review of 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

2008-09-07 12:22:08

We looked at and drove all the SUV's. This is by far the best quality and comfort of them all. Easy to drive lots of room and the interior components are easy to use and operate. Worth the price because of it durability and Toyota brand. This car will last for ever. We traded in our 1999 landcruiser that had 130,000 miles and never had any major maintenence done to it. That would have lasted at least another 100,000 miles. So we bought the newer version of the landcruiser. Toyota has proven itself for our family time and again.

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

2008 Land Cruiser

2008-07-01 05:07:06

new engine and trany have made this a very resposive machine. fit and finish are excellent. however, removal of third seats cannot be done thereby costing valuable space. third window does not open. mileage is about the same as the 05. hard to tell the difference between a highlander and the land cruiser because they are very similiar in style.

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

Best car I ever owned

2007-09-11 10:25:00

This SUV does it all. It's stylish for the country club, yet tough as nails and can go anywhere. Fit & finish are exceptional.

1999 Toyota Land Cruiser


2007-08-28 12:44:54

it's the best ........... imust say when it comes to deserts especially saudi or sme places mind you this is the best ........

2007 Toyota Land Cruiser

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