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4.5 out of 5


2016-07-05 19:41:39

bought a new soul in 2014 10 months later the hatch started rusting out took back to dealer fixed it few months later same thing called dealer they told me only 1 yr warranty on body touched up paint and traded it in never buy kia again

2016 Kia Soul

Doug Ohlemann

2016-05-02 07:54:02

Fun to drive, Economical. Sharp Looking. Reasonably Priced.

2016 Kia Soul


2015-03-10 23:39:07

I owned a 2012 Soul+ and traded it in for my 2015 Soul+ . There are small design changes, some I like, some I don't. But, overall, there is no other vehicle on the market today that I would consider buying. I will continue buying KIA Souls as long as they are on the market in the USA. (Our family has purchased 9 KIAs in the past 10years.......1 Rio, 1 Sedona Van, 3 Fortes, 4 Souls, and the Souls are my favorite! And just for those whom may wonder......No, I am not a Kia employee or related to a Kia employee. I am just a Plain-Jane hard working American woman whom likes to get the most for her money and buys quality products. I rated the overall rating 4 instead of 5 because I don't like the loss of cd players in vehicles. I rated exterior styling 4 instead of 5 because the 2015 is one inch longer and one inch wider than my 2012, and I hope Kia doesn't keep increasing the Soul's size because the small size with lots of room is my biggest buying factor.....beside it's cool design. Bottom line, test drive a Soul and you will LOVE IT!!!!

2015 Kia Soul

'13 KIA Soul Exclaim bought new and now has 18,000 mi...no issues!

2014-02-21 00:04:08

This is the 5th new KIA we've bought new from our Dealer...my 2013 Soul Exclaim, my Wifes 2013 Sorento SX, my sons 2014 RIO and daughters 2014 Sportage. My daughter-in-law bought a 2014 Optima SX tonight. All of our Fords are gone now! My Soul totally exceeded my expectations...it has been completely trouble free...none of the issues that come with a normal new car. Mileage is accepable for a squarish "box car", handling ditto! Unexpectedly the quality was way better than many of the high end cars we've owned in the past. Fit and finish is terrific, materials are first rate, ammenities and levels of standard equipment are also suprisinng. LED Tail Lights side markers and front driving light LEDs. Nice rally style fog/driving lights, projector head lights too. The gauge display is all brightly lit round sporty, recessed, functional and easily readable in bright daylight. The Infinity audio system/radio, and entire sound system is controlled by your voice with the UVO systems, and integrtes with your cell phone too. Lots of storage including hidden compartments, cup holders up the ying-yang, door storage, behind the seat storage, room under the front seats storage, dual level storage in th glove box, small dash board top eyeglass storage, etc! And special note to all you "do-it-yourselfers" out there, I'm in my mid 50's and have a collection of classic cars, I mainain them all. And believe me when I say the KIA engineers nailed it on the easiest oil change catagory. Taked mere minutes as everything s easily accesable. That means that unlike a Mazda and some other cars you don't have to dismantle all of the shrouds and splash guards. And the engine compartment is very well laid out...oil fill cap, radiator, coolant check and oil check dip stick are easily accessable. The paint is awsum...mine is Dark Moss Green Pearl..deep and beautiful. The 18" standard allow wheels are beautiful. The KIA 10 year 100,000 mile warranty is just icing on the cake

2013 Kia Soul

The Thirsty Hamster

2012-03-31 12:30:22

I bought this car for a variety of reasons, style, flexibility, lots of content for the price and better gas mileage than my old car. This car gets 22 MPG combined city and highway driving. Kia customer service is a joke. They offered to send me a brochure. I know other Soul's get better mileage, but I would have bought the Subaru if I had known how incredibly poor Kia's customer service is.

2012 Kia Soul

Good for the money ? How about just good.

2011-07-10 08:13:36

I purchased a new Soul + AT in April 2011. Black, with dealer add-ons such as bug deflector, mats, window visors, trunk tray, wheel locks. Factory options included the 360w upgraded stereo package. Pricing was insanely competitive; MSRP was 22k, but thanks to incentives and an aggressive dealership, I got out-the-door for 16.3k ! Style - wise, I wasn`t exactly fond at first. The small, rounded front end is a puzzling contrast to the rest of the aggressive angular body styling, and the wheels are too small. Inside, however, is excellently executed with simple controls, lighting, and materials. A small, meaty wheel, nice gauge package, and short-throw automated manual make for a surprisingly fun driver. Handling is better than expected, and the small 4cyl - while harsh sounding under load - is pretty peppy. The main drawback in the mechanics is the four speed tranny. Seats are firm and comfortable, well-bolstered, covered with a nice spill-resistant fabric, and well-suited for tall drivers. The back has a fair amount of legroom, enabling my toddlers to climb in and out unassisted - a big plus in a small car. Rear storage is aided by the under-floor compartment and tray. Split folding seats lay flat to accomodate cargo. Factor in savers like a 7500 mi oil change schedule, regular unleaded useage, and a real-world average 29mpg, the warranty, 1st year maintenance, and you`ve got an amazing value. I am a musician and haul alot of gear. I am also a father of two small kids, have a long work / school commute, and make frequent grocery / Home Depot runs. I am also 6`1, and a car enthusiast. So far, the Soul has been a grand slam ! My only (minor) complaint is the four - speed. Why, Kia, not add another two gears ? It would`ve added another $150 in production costs, but improved mileage into the 34+MPG range, and increased driving dynamics. My guess is it will come later in the model run, but overall its picking nits. The Soul is the perfect budget driver for the active Dad

2011 Kia Soul

Fun to Look at and Drive!

2011-04-26 11:16:45

First impression: It's tight, build quality seems excellent, no rattles, very solid sounding when you open/close doors and hatch. Brakes are soft-touch sensitive, steering is responsive, best of all I got 27 M.P.G. in the city on my first tank of gas (sticker says 24/30), but I must admit I drive pretty conservatively. A reviewer elsewhere pointed out the paint was thin and I have to agree. I've only had it a week and I already have a rock chip and I opened one of the doors barely touching part of a chain link fence and it came right off so be careful. If you drive a lot of highway you might consider Ziebert's Z-Shield or Kia's front Mask. The 2.0 in the + seems peppy, gets up to highway speeds as fast and cruises comfortably at 65. I didn't find the engine noise or road noise to be bothersome. I've since had Ziebarts sound barrier installed, and now it's even quieter. The upgraded sound system is awesome! Every bit as good as the after-market Pioneer system I had installed in my previous car. Bluetooth: If you have a Samsung phone be advised that it will only be a partial compatibility. Any other phone works fine but guess what kind I have. I was kind of disappointed it didn't come with a factory security system. I tested it by double locking it with the windows down and reaching in to open the door - nothing. I'm having one put it and a remote-start at the same time so all is well. ******* had a little more cargo room, but 95% of my driving is just me and around town, so not a real big deal. Taking a trip with 3 people + luggage will be interesting. I researched and looked at a lot of other cars in this class and found they were either too pricy, got bad reviews, or were just too tiny. The Soul + offers features of cars priced much higher, offers a nice economical ride, and it's hard to beat the warranty for peace of mind. I would highly recommend taking one for a test drive and see for yourself.

2011 Kia Soul

what a fun car

2011-04-20 21:09:38

I just got my Soul in March. What a fun car and good on gas. I love the way it rides, its easy to get in and out of since I have broken my leg and knee on the right side. I have more people come up and tell me "you can go for this!" I researched before I bought and am very please with my Kia. So far so good. Mine is the teal color with a racing stripe One negative is the birds love to perch on the fin on the back and poop down it! ALso I wish there was a button inside to open the back hatch when have groceries loaded in the back, but no biggie. Fun car.

2011 Kia Soul

Trouble Car

2011-03-03 12:10:51

I knew better not to get a Kia. After reviewed several sites, the car is highly rated. So I purchased a Kia Soul 2010 in July 2009. Yesterday I took to the Firestone for inspection. The front struts are leaking. My car has 50,600 miles. Thank God it is covered under the warranty. I had Mazda, Toyotak, Honda and Saturn over three years without major problems. It is too expensive to maintain. The car is poor gas mileage. It advertised at 30 highway 24 city. Actually, 28 highway. 22 city. It is the same mileage as Mazda 5. Noisy ride, does not handle well on the curve around I-80 to Tahoe. I was terrify to drive on I-80 to Truckee.

2010 Kia Soul


2010-12-25 15:53:44

I got my 2010 Soul in Nov of 09 and been in love with is ever sence. The Dealer in SLC was great. Mine is the Smoke. Gets great gas milage intown and on the interstate. I have told many people ******** a great car. Im only 4'11 so its a little of a streach to drive at times but I love it. Being 37yrs old its a great commuter car and handles very good in the snow and Ice as well. With the saftey features it would be a great first car. I Have friends that call it my tyco push car ******* cute and fits me. Even my Father likes the car and anyone that drives it falls in love with it.

2010 Kia Soul

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