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4.5 out of 5

So much more car than expected!!

2017-04-12 02:28:55

2017 SE has been stunning to drive and OWN. Over 31 MPH combined with the 2.0L PZEV and have NO clue what all the talk is of a balky trans? 6 speed double clutch Auto trans shifts like butter... up and down ... even when power shifting near red lines. Steering is razor keen with a turning circle I haven't seen in decades! They really did their homework in TUNING this suspension.... tracks so well and yet suspension is compliant on all road surfaces. The baby-Fusion ne: Aston Martin look is a real eye catcher. Classy and will age well. It simply WORKS.... quietly, smoothly and the pricing is GREAT compared to the Japanese and Korean alternatives. Fit is finish is very high end... no tacky plastics, great fabrics and again.... precision assembly. THIS is a REAL find and a keeper. Enjoy!

2017 Ford Focus

2010 Ford Focus S.E Sedan 4 Spd auto

2016-11-23 12:00:52

I get an average of 30 MPG driving 70% City 30% Hwy! When Ford gets rid of the Powershift DCT next year I plan to by a 4 Gen Focus if the new 9 speed auto, if it is Reliable! The 1.0 ltr turbo is great, with the traditional 6 speed automatic, but you can only buy it as a Sedan in 2017! Ford made a huge mistake not putting a Conventional 6 speed in the ST!

2017 Ford Focus


2016-05-05 19:17:23

We've now driven our Focus Titanium over 130,000 kilometers and will say we're as happy with it now as when we bought it new. YES, the manu/matic transmission operation can cause low speed acceleration jerkiness but instantly goes away backing off slightly on the throttle. It's worst when the drivetrain is hot such as after a high speed drive and less noticeable when driving at lower speeds. If you can technically understand what's happening when that Jerk occurs you'll quickly learn how to stop it from happening. Just think manual shifting and too quick of a clutch release. Harder acceleration from a stop or low speed forces the cluth to engage quicker.Anyway, my wife now understands and so do our two kids, No shuddering from our Focus. :)

2016 Ford Focus

A great car to drive.

2016-04-03 22:52:05

2014 Titanium Hatchback, 25kmiles to date. This has been a great car, handling and road manors are excellent, and plenty of features and connectivity for it's class. The DCT (dual clutch transmission) may bother those not willing to understand how to drive this type of technology. Once you understand how it works, then it is pretty easy to get used to. By waiting one year, I was able to purchase a very low mileage highly optioned Titanium for the same price as an entry level focus sedan. I would absolutely buy it again.PRO: Gas mileage is as advertised, reaching 40+mpg on long drives. Recommend the Titanium package for the extra features that make it fun to own. Zero reliability issues, no problems but one recall (fuel pump) is called. The Titanium package offers a boat load of features; I love the remote key and start, ambient lighting, Sony stereo, leather, auto lights, and so much more. The hatchback is very convenient. Sitting in the Focus, it feels upscale for this class, liked the displays and gauges were well placed and readable. The MyTouch connects to my iPhone, iPad and iPod perfectly and sounds great.Cons: back seat is tight but usable. Driver's knee room could be better, would be better if a sport auto-shift mode was available that would shift at higher rpm's which may be useful for crawling commutes (I use the manual-shift mode when stop and go), the large touch screen display shows finger prints pretty easy. Running the MyTouch stereo is clumsy at best, but it works ok once you understand how to talk to it. Looks like they replaced it for 2016. I compared this to the Mazda 3 2015, but found the Mazda to feel very compromised in materials, things like that glove box was thin and flimsy, doors **********, and I am not a fan of the Mazda dash especially the placement of the gauges and the iPod center display looking like an afterthought. Even if the Mazda 3 is reported to handle a little better, the Focus does an excellent job too.

2014 Ford Focus

auto bog,s are us

2015-12-29 09:18:58

very good site.

2016 Ford Focus

Great small sedan for every day use

2015-12-28 08:48:57

Excelent equipment, love the audio and all the standar features.Great fuel consumption, I just rent on for my trip to Orlando and I just had to buy one. 35+mpg for a 160hp car, nice sporty suspension. And all the Safety features with the next gen Airbags.Nothing like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla, way over this vehicles. Something weird with the Transmission feeling ******* a matter of knowing the car to get use to, I just love it.

2012 Ford Focus

2012 Ford Focus SE w/Sport Package - 5-speed Manual

2015-11-03 18:26:44

I had a long line of Subaru WRXs before I bought this car, but needed something for a 50+ mile (one-way) commute. I bought this Focus brand new with 7 miles on the odometer. It's been the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I went with the manual gearbox due to the reported issues with the automatic (and that extra 1 hp!) It is sporty and fun to drive, loves to be thrown into corners and driven hard - but it handles a boring freeway commute with ease (and great fuel economy!) This car performs admirably in all driving conditions.But the biggest praise is the build quality and safety. I was driving home on the freeway and was sandwiched between two semi trucks - a driver wasn't paying attention and pinned my car against the other semi. Not only was I able to walk away from the accident, but the car only sustained body damage - despite being in a 40+ mph crash with two semi trucks!! This little car saved my life. Thank you Ford Motor Company!!

2012 Ford Focus


2015-10-12 13:13:09

I leased a 2014 Ford Focus SE. on 09-30-2014. Within the past 5 weeks, I've had to take it back to the Galpin Ford Dealership for Transmission service, and looks like I'll have to again. I am told I have to talk with Corporate to take care of an issue that I'm told is common. I'm also told that there is also an issue with the Clutch but I have to wait until the issue presents itself and will be replaced. This is absurd. A waste of my time and the Service employees, as well..No problems with the Staff..wonderfful people, especially my Advisor, Johnny and the girls in the Cashier's office.

2014 Ford Focus

Peppy Little car with true "Ford Quality"

2015-01-28 01:18:42

This car is fun to drive for what it is and very affordable. The one problem is durability of the radio and engine. I have talked to multiple people who have all had the radio volume knob, disk changer, and thermostat housing all break. These seem to be common issues with the plastic heavy fords of the early 2000's. Overall I would say this is the perfect first car for any teen, and held up considerably well for the 130,000 miles I have put on mine.

2003 Ford Focus


2014-12-30 14:48:20

I bought my 13 focus hatch new. it was great for the first 9000 miles..Then the transmission started to act up.its the auto shifted manual .. It slips, grinds, lurches and almost stalls at stoplights.it has been in to the ford shop where they rebuilt ************ has the same issues.ford even extended the warranty on it.gas mileage has dropped from 42 on the road to, if i'm lucky, 30..the best part of this car is the stereo.it has the upgraded Sony with sub woofer.I took it back to the dealer 3 months after i got it and he told me to park it somewhere with the keys in it. they didn't want it back.I will never buy any more of ford's junk if this is what they are making now.

2013 Ford Focus

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