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4.5 out of 5

2016 XC 90 LEMON

2016-09-16 20:35:43

I have owned my Inscription for 6 months and it is the worst car I have ever purchased. The AC stopped working twice over the summer, and was actually blowing hot air during one episode. Even once repair was made, it is mediocre at best, taking longer than 15 minutes to cool down on hot days. Additionally, navigation does not work with voice recognition, and addresses have to be entered manually.Finally, both key fobs came apart during the first month and had to be replaced. In each instance, I was told that Volvo was aware of the issues as there had been many other complaints. My advice is to STAY AWAY from this model unless you like spending time at the repair shop. Five colleagues have had similar issues

2017 Volvo XC90


2016-09-11 15:50:40

The car is a huge disappointment. It is definitely not a luxury vehicle. We owned a xc90 earlier but this car is nothing compared to the 2004 version

2016 Volvo XC90

What a nightmare of a vehicle!

2016-06-28 20:10:48

For the first 3 years it was a comfortable car to drive and own and then it started. $750 to replace the thermostat, $5,000 to replace the transmission, then the real troubles began, water in the cabin, about 6 gallons under each floorboard. Seems the vents on the sunroof drain through the roof supports into a 90 degree drain in the wheel well. Once clogged with dirt it overflows into the cabin, flooding the area under the carpets. Of course in that same are are the wiring cables so you start getting shorts. The lights, power steering, windows, A/C, all fail after a thud in the left front dashboard. Volvo America claims there is no issue, yet I have over 20 other owners that have registered the same on my google drive site. That was not the end, we then found the module in the engine compartment also was water damaged. Seems that the windshield cowl drains right over the top of a tray that carries the wiring harness, Again, water with electrical and you get shorts. After $3,600 of module replacement and constant fear of stalling on the freeway, we finally sealed the wiring in silicon and had Xemodex of Toronto rebuild the module. We still get the water in the cabin each Spring, but so far the electrical systems have not failed again. I say stay away especially since Volvo will not support their customers!

2004 Volvo XC90


2015-12-23 19:23:46

I bought my '06 2.5T AWD XC90 in 2009 as it was coming off lease and it's been a great car. But first the bad news. The rear bearings went out after a year of ownership -- $900. My independent Volvo mechanic said the seals on the rear bearings were faulty, but they usually failed before 50,000 miles while still under warranty. Mine lasted to 72,000 miles--lucky me. Then about a year later, the right front bearing went out--$400. My mechanic said he'd never a front bearing go out on an XC90. But the good news is that since late 2011, I haven't a repair at all! If you average my repair bill by number of months of ownership, my repair bill is about $17/month. This is late 2015, and I'd love to buy the new 2016 XC90, but I can't justify it because my '06 has been so reliable for the last 3.75 years, and because it still looks great on the outside and the interior is immaculate, especially the leather.Extremely comfortable seats, lots of space--just a very nice place to be. And don't let anyone tell you that the XC90 can't corner. I live in the foothills of Colorado, and I can tell you that it corners very nicely for a big SUV. The reviewers who say it doesn't corner well are novices that haven't done the aggressive cornering I've done. The AWD is 3rd gen Haldex and it is great in the snow and ice, and I've had it off road on old lumbering trails, often driving up steep rocky parts. Lots of fun. I think I'll keep it a few more years. :-D

2006 Volvo XC90

Red XC90 8 cyl AWD

2011-07-31 19:07:34

My wife & I have owned our XC90 for about a 18 months. In the past 12 we have driven over 17,000 and we still love it. The power of the V8 is great, but I wish the MPG was better. We get about 17 average and 21-23 on the highway. We have 2 big dogs and they love to ride around and stick their heads out the window or the sunroof. Volvo dealer service is the best I have ever experienced. We bought our car as a CPO vehicle so it had the extended warranty and volvo has taken care of everything that has come up. They replaced the alternator and battery (which was killed by the alternator) with no questions and they also replaced the front struts because of a "known problem" in the front end. We have driven the car in a foot of snow and driving rain without an issue, it always stays glued to the road. Overall we always have a smile on our face when we are driving our Volvo. We plan to buy another XC90 in about 4 years to replace our Chevrolet Impala SS.

2006 Volvo XC90

Six years and still very happy

2011-07-03 12:51:33

We bought our XC90 in 2005 and have been extremely happy. It is the perfect all around vehicle, whether taking the kids and their friends to a baseball game, taking the grandparents and children to a family occasion, or moving big items to the summer house. The ride is smooth, the handling is crisp, and the sound system awesome. I was so happy that I bought the S80 in 2007, which I am also still driving and enjoying. I also found that both of these values are a great value - you get a lot of car for your money.

2005 Volvo XC90

Review of 2010 Volvo XC90

2011-03-30 20:13:49

I have owned my 2010 XC90 with a V8 engine for 13 months, 19K miles and asside from loving every thing about the vehicle, it's very quiet, handles great, the gas milage has been great. I average betweem 22 and 24 mpg on the highway and 18 to 19 around town. This has been the greatest surprise yet.

2010 Volvo XC90

Review of 2010 Volvo XC90

2009-06-20 08:25:25

we love our 2008 Volvo XC90! we purchased it for its safety record, ******* sleek look, and wonderful perks make long road trips a joy! we travel to and from georgia to florida weekly! Vicki

2010 Volvo XC90

My Volvo

2008-11-27 03:18:32

My Volvo is one of the best riding vehicles I have owned. It handles securely and drives smoothly and versatile. The handling is superior and all in all, I think this is one of the top driving cars. Now, if you can get beyond the fuel efficiency, you are in good hands. The car is safe all around and you get the feel of a safe and reliable car. Unfortunately again, the car drinks the fuel like it is going out of style. I feel like I am constantly filling up my tank. However, that could also mean that I was so used to not having had to when I used to drive my Small Honda Civic. If you are looking for fuel efficiency and reliability go with one. However, now being a Volvo owner, I have no regrets.

2009 Volvo XC90

Review of 2008 Volvo XC90

2008-08-14 00:01:17

I love this car. The booster seat has been a huge asset. The dual televisions help our family on long trips. The room is impressive. We have had 6 full size adults in this vehicle comfortably. We looked at several other SUV's, third row was not as roomy as in the XC90. It rides great with it sitting on a car chaise, vs the truck on other SUV's. It is worth every penny in the car payment. Make sure and get the V8, you won't be sorry.

2008 Volvo XC90

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