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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle

2011-04-11 19:12:53

I do love this car and the nostaglia around it. However, the car sits too low to the ground and the under-carriage is a problem. The hoses that run under the car need to be protected and are covered by a heavy plastic piece that is bolted in place. It is easily damaged and/or torn. The only repair for this is to replace the entire piece. The front grill is not a permanent piece and is easily damaged on parking lot bumpers, speed bumps and curbs. The only repair for this piece is to replace the entire piece. All service on this vehicle must be done at your local dealer repair shop and can be expensive. The car is dependable and an eye catcher. Everybody comments on my hot blue ride. I do not think the gas mileage is as good as they claim. I have a standard 5 speed and I like the turbo action on mine, as it is added power in first gear. I live alone and so nobody uses the back seat and I don't think many could even fit there. I removed my backseat head rests for better viewing through my rear view mirror. I would buy another VW Beetle, maybe the newest version coming up. Mine still looks new to the common admirer, although it is a 2003. Did I mention I bought mine used off a Chevy lot? It has all the bells and whistles. Leather two tone heated seats, sunroof , 6 CD changer, the Turbo, spoiler and so on. I only have 39,000 miles on mine. Amazing. I have much life left and may drive it for a bit longer. I don't have frequent repair issues, but when they come, you will pay. You cannot even buy a battery at Sam's Club or Walmart and have their service department install it. They will not touch a VW Beetle. I can do nothing in the way of maintenance myself. This is due to the design and the fact it is a foreign made car. Happy trials to those that jump on the band wagon and begin their journey. You will be popular, for sure. Everybody loves a VW Beetle. Thanks.

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle

Review of 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

2010-01-24 18:37:19

I bought this car and it's my dream car that I've always wanted. It looks great and fun ******** also a serious ride. The pick up is great, the ride is smooth, and it makes me feel good when I ride it. The standard features are great and I also have the added heated washer nozzles and heated seats. The sound system sounds awesome and everything is so stylish but that doesn't mean they cut down on functionality. Perfect car!

2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

Review of 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

2009-10-20 20:30:48

This car has great off the line and top end speed. I have taken my up to 130 mph with tech at 3500 no problem

2006 Volkswagen New Beetle


2009-07-27 16:48:32

buy one if you can.

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle


2009-05-24 21:29:32

I bought mine the second year they were out. I have to say mine was in the garage at least 3 times within the first six months. I was later told that I should wait at least 3 years when ever a new model comes out so all the kinks can be worked out. By the fourth year my air conditioner went out at that point I only had less than 40,000 miles on my car. Now, that my car is ten years old it seems to run better than when I first bought it. I love my little car but do not know if I would buy another one.

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle

2002 VW New Beetle 1.8T

2009-03-04 02:07:28

I am very disappointed in the quality, fit and finish, engineering and parts reliability on the New Beetle. Too may things break way too soon and costs to repair are very high. This vehicle was purchased used with 29k miles and has had regularly scheduled maintenance. Recently had the airbag warning light come on and when the dealer finally identified the cause, the cost was $450 to replace a switch (parts cost $183) in the driver side seat belt buckle and reset the airbag system. My local mechanic did not have the diagnostic tools to identify the problem so I had to take it to the dealer. Just one of many items that have failed much earlier than expected. Also, found out the cam adjuster seal is leaking; another $485 repair and apparently very common in the 1.8T engine. Costs for any repairs at the local VW dealer are prohibitive. Even replacing the battery was a major chore. It took a battery replacement center 90 minutes to figure out how to install the new battery.

2002 Volkswagen New Beetle


2009-02-25 19:05:34

must bring into dealer for everything, no way you can service yourself, not even change a rear light bulb, no dip stick to check trans, just wait for it to go out.

2002 Volkswagen New Beetle

Good Car

2009-01-27 05:06:08

2007 Volkswagen New Beetle

Great car

2009-01-13 19:24:42

I love this car. I bought one for fun after having SUVs and vans. It runs well and I've had no problems. I only have 48,500 miles on it. Am selling mine though due to size of trunk and needing more room for groceries. I'll miss it.

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle

Beetle Triple White

2008-09-27 08:20:15

I love ******** perky ,stylish and very comfortable. Pick up on the highway is dead on ,doing 80 she is stable and smooth. The interior is fun and comfortable. I get lot's of compliments on how she looks and big guys like me don't feel cramped. You could serve a complete Thanksgiving dinner on top of the dash there is so much room. I have owned many cars ,an old Beetle , a monster SUV and BMW Z3 to mention a few and I love this the best and she looks great in the driveway. The only thing I ******* had was a built in navigation and Bluetooth.

2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

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