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3.0 out of 5

Best Bug ever

2018-05-08 09:29:21

Reliable, quick, tuneable, fantastic handling, old and new style, Beetle GRC- makes one hell of a race car! My favorite VW ever! Herbie is proud! EVWloution!

2014 Volkswagen Beetle

018 VW Beetle is fun to drive but lacks important safety features

2018-04-19 15:45:32

The 2018 VW Beetle is fun to drive but lacks important safety features for example blind spot mirror monitor and parking assist backup monitoring and collision avoidance alerting system.

2018 Volkswagen Beetle


2015-05-13 11:37:28

My dream car, a 2014 VW Beetle Convertible soon became a nightmare. Noisy, inconsistent, & unpredictable, it spent way too much time in the Service Department than on the road. After they claimed it was fixed by VW Engineers, I was driving down HWY 111 when the convertible control panel fell out of the roof nearly hitting me in the face as it swung back-and-forth almost causing an accident. The VW corporation ended up replacing that vehicle with the same model. Unfortunately, the new Beetle had all the same serious bugs as the last one. When I contacted the VW corporation again, they blew me off. Now, I want to warn others about these cute but potentially dangerous cars. If you want to waste a lot of valuable time, energy, money, and put yourself, your family, and friends at risk and you crave disappointment, buy a VW Beetle Convertible. If you have questions or comments, please contact me at: DontBuyVWs@yahoo.com

2014 Volkswagen Beetle

Love the Beetle

2015-02-24 10:07:48

24K on my 2012 turbo. ECU upgraded to APR mod (stage 1). Car is completely satisfactory. I live at 6500' elevation, which saps power from non-turbo engines. This is a wonderful car to drive in the mountains, as turbo power and DSG tranny make driving again a convenient and enjoyable experience. This car was delivered when VW had a shortage of the instruments normally mounted on the top of dash. Not to worry, as this resulted in a recessed area perfectly suited for safe storage of sun glasses, cameras, and even notebook computers - without worry about them sliding off. Previous car was 2001 New Beetle Turbo with manual tranny. That was a great car, but this is better in every aspect. Hence, I did not consider other cars. I wanted turbo, DSG tranny, and tidy package. I regularly receive favorable comments on the distinctive appearance of this car.

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

car review

2015-02-10 20:45:26

it was ok

2015 Volkswagen Beetle

2013 Beetle

2013-12-23 10:14:51

Overall the past 6 months have been superb, alot of fun to drive (2.5L, 6spd auto) the only issue I have is that the around town mileage is a abit low for a car this small.

2013 Volkswagen Beetle

my mid life crisis,

2012-11-01 21:53:39

69yr old,big man here,,, and going thru, my mid life crisis,[wife says 3/4 life].but i traded a tundra, in for my beetle[turbo],and iam not at all sorry i did,everything about it from room, to comfort, to performance impresses me,, iam very happy,, to have made the purchase,, and livingin the northeasty,, i cant wait to see how it will prefrm, in the snow,,

2013 Volkswagen Beetle

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