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3.5 out of 5

Go elsewhere

2016-06-24 19:49:25

When I first bought it I loved it. Very smooth ride and was okay gas mileage for a truck. Started having issues with the exhaust system at

2007 Toyota Tacoma

YOU WON'T *********** A TRUCK

2016-05-01 13:28:49

Have been driving the 2016, 4WD, SR-5, 6 cyl. Tacoma Access Cab for about 6 months now. The 6 speed auto is continually shifting. The drone from the engine and exhaust is LOUD! The new Atkinson Cycle engine may have more horsepower, but it doesn't show. Acceleration is slow - much less than what I get from my 2013 6 cyl. Highlander. It rides rough! You definitely will know you are riding in truck. The step-up into the truck is high and awkward. The driver's seat is way too low and it's uncomfortable. It handles well and gas mileage is 20 -23 depending on the trip distance. Instrumentation, gauges, etc. are fine, but the temp control and fan speed is hard to decipher. The composite bed is nice and saves buying a liner. I use it as a truck and bought it for reliability, so it works for me. If you're looking for a quiet, smooth ride with barely noticeable shifting, you don't want a Tacoma. If you're looking for a reliable work truck, this one is tops.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

husband likes it

2016-03-25 14:47:04

we have had some issues with it but overall it has been a good car. You just have to watch out what kind of gas you are using in it and make sure you bring it to a dealer since it is so new most mechanics do not know how to work on this because so new

2016 Toyota Tacoma


2015-10-08 11:23:39


2011 Toyota Tacoma


2015-08-21 11:52:08

decent, loved it. so cool

1999 Toyota Tacoma

great truck

2015-01-22 08:25:24

love it

2015 Toyota Tacoma

Great Little truck

2015-01-08 20:43:50

Had mine since 2004 and has 88,000 miles on it and never in shop.....It's not the most comfortable on a long drive 200+ miles, but that is a no brainer".

2003 Toyota Tacoma

Toyato Tacoma

2011-05-16 11:24:00

My husband bought this truck back in 1999, he had this truck when we met in 2001. He taught me to drive it in 2001, I really started driving it full time after he had a stroke in 2007. I have driven it to several places such as Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida. I have done very little work on it. I have had the starter replaced, front brakes done. It drives great. Runs great. I have had people ask if they could buy it but I would not sell it at any price. I love it.

1999 Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma access cab 6 cyl 4x4 auto/w OD

2010-07-11 22:20:42

I bought this truck new at the end of Nov., 2008. I have no regrets and I absolutely love this truck. My other trucks that I owned were Nissans. Nissan is a very good truck too. However, I heard all about Toyota and wanted to experience their product. I'm glad I did. This truck handles extremely well and it's like riding on an air cushion while driving. On the interstate highways, It's best to use cruise because the ride is so good, one does not realize how fast one is going. Having 4WD is a luxury. I use my truck for deer hunting and carry my ATV on it. I also use my truck for pleasure. Either way, it's great! I had the dealer install running boards. It certainly helps the ladies getting into and out of the truck. I also had a piece of chain bolted to the bed of the truck, on all 4 corners, to anchor my ATV. The only thing that disappoints me is the fog lights. The fog lights can only be used while the loww beams are on, not independantly. The high beams are fantastic in lighting up the roadway at night. The seats are very comfortable with the front passenger seat folding flat for more cargo room inside. The back 2 doors are great to gain access behind the front seats. Even the storage boxes located under the rear seats is clever. Plenty of leg room for tall guys!

2008 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota use to put out a good Truck

2010-04-26 23:16:57

I've owned several Toyota P/U's and the quality gets worse every year. Cheaper & Cheaper but the price just keeps going up. I not sure if I will buy another one in the future or recommend that any one by one. I've owned a 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001 and now a 2007 p/u which is by far the wosre p/u yet. There cheap and rattle and make more noise more then any other. I would say my 2001 was one better one's. But these new one's. They have a bed liner that you can't remove because there are holes in the top of the bed wall. The molding on the roof falls out. The metal is so thin it's almost like mashing a pop can if you push to hard on it. The paint is cheap, the mileage for a V6 sucks and the list goes on. These V6's min. should be getting 26 MPG No Problem. But for years they run between 15 and 19 at best. Hell I might as well by a full sized Ford or Dodge for that and at least I'll have the extra Horse Power. Toyota you need to go rethink your Trucks. Go back and build a quaility ride again with better mileage and at a better price or you may find yourself in the same boat as GM.

2007 Toyota Tacoma

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